Android and iphone app development costs

 Android and iphone app development costs

Here is an brief fast and furious description of how much you can expect it cost of app development, along with information about how the mobile app development process works- just ballpark figures in 2016.To figure out  Android and iphone app development costs, we got to check out as follows:-

Aim: Your mobile app must be better and more engaging than the one your competition offers.
app development costs
Android and iphone app development costs

Functional types of mobile apps in development:

  • Basic table functionality – Has an opening screen, has icons and you click one and you now have a set of new lists to click on. A “simple” app that displays basic information. You can use the phone’s accelerometer, or camera or sound,or gyroscope to enhance functionality but keep it simple. (KISS)
  • Cost to develop an app – pricing :$2,000-5,000  You provide all the content, clear direction, and example apps of what you want it to do. Yes skilled software engineers get big salaries, and these stuff though sort of simple but take a lot of time.Just because many mobile apps are free (or nearly so) to download, a good app cannot be built in a jiffy. And you get what you pay for. Once your team is in place, conceptual work begins by sketching out the key functional flows, followed by detailed wire frames and then the visual design. These steps involve a lot of work. They can also require significant revision and even rethinking of the initial requirements.  It’s better to work out the kinks early, in collaboration with your design team.
  • Database driven : Have the data in a sqlite database similar to your ancient Access databases in PC.. Advantage is that can be refreshed with a web based system or from a json flat file.Can also rely purely on external information – Twitter, Weather Channel and other APis
  • Cost to develop an app – pricing: > $6,000  You provide all the content, clear direction, and example apps of what you want it to do. I suggest you get the web REST APIs done separately. You need a cloud services provider who will not only host it, but also power and maintain the back end systems like Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace rtc
  • Games:  These have the largest range of complexity from a Flappy bird game endless runner type to other more complicated genres.
  • Cost to develop an app – pricing: Toughest to estimate  > $8,000 with game play,retina graphics, etc.(Note: Flappy bird is not really a game!) , Game Center / Google games services, Google Analytics/Flurry, Chartboost, Applovin, Xplode, AdMob, and Tapjoy etc
  • 1000-3000$ for In app purchases depending on the amounts and complexity, separate web based https verification requirements etc
  • Custom utilities – Like Beacons, Bluetooth functionality, etc
    Everything elseThe list above covers 95% of what is in the stores today.
  • And plus the Apple app store and Google play store fees.
  • Maintenance is another key consideration, both for your service provider and your development staff to be available for bug fixes, updates, downstream version testing and so on. It is a major investment of time, money and vision.You should expect to involve a team of six to ten people for about six months or more.

Ugh…the web was easier.

Cost-Effectiveness: The relative cost to develop the mobile app. Another viewpoint: What is the total development cost to you? What methods are available to estimate cost-effectiveness?
  •  Representing the calculation of inputs over outputs, cost-effectiveness can be measured by the development cost divided by the forecasted audience size. This basic formula will produce a per user development cost estimate. Below is an example:
    $30,000 (if total cost) / 6,000 users (forecasted mobile-user-audience after six months) = $5 per mobile-user after six months.
  •  Recognizing that different mobile apps will have different target audiences and different goals, it may be more appropriate to utilize a cost-effectiveness formula that measures the percentage of the target audience served after a given period of time. Below is an example:
    $30,000 (total cost) / 15% (percent of target audience served after one year) = $2,000 per percent of the target audience served.
  •  More complex formulas can also be utilized, in order to appropriately weight target audiences that may justify higher costs per mobile-user. For example, certain underserved communities might represent high priority target audiences, justifying a greater financial investment per mobile-user served.

If you are having an Internet marketing plan, social media marketing initiatives, and complex sales strategies using mobile apps in your online marketing campaigns then the cost of creating an app are trivial!

More on ‘cost to develop an app’

UK site lists the cost involves in producing successful apps like Angry Birds and the BBC News app at £125,000.Such figures refer exclusively to cost of apps aiming at the top end of the spectrum, but as mentioned before, apps really don’t have to cost the earth. If you are thinking on a smaller scale, mobile app development sites like ours allow you a great deal of control over your app and cost and its range of features.

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