Web storefront design for your business

Stakeholders in web storefronts design

The stakeholders when creating new web storefront design as well as for the corresponding mobile app for iOS or Android or the PWA, for your business on the merchant side, often an eCommerce manager – along with a digital marketer – are in the admin panel on a daily basis and responsible for regular web site updates. On the Developer Agency side like ourselves there is a front end developer who works directly with Open Cart or Adobe Magento or other, and an eCommerce web site designer responsible for visuals and UX.

web storefront design

The process of setting up web storefronts:

The e-commerce manager and digital marketer first defines the functionality and requirements of web storefronts.

Once stakeholders agree on the right path forward, the Designer produces page mock ups for all page types and their variations

Next, a front end developer turns these mock ups into Adobe Magento or other HTML templates, and CSS styles

When your marketer wants to run a new campaign, they work with the front end developer to translate their ideas to HTML and CSS. All of this content then exist as static pages in the Admin

When the content is created the eCommerce manager reviews and accepts (or requests edits) and the updates are pushed live to customers.

That is until you need to make changes and updates to those mock ups, templates, and layouts in order to make new pages or update existing pages

Web storefront design system

Creating a design system and establishing branding guidelines ensures that there is a consistent look, feel, and voice for your brand across the entire business. A well-defined design system for your web store has components that include base styles such as typography, colors, grid layout variations, sizing of elements, and spacing between them. 

The same applies to PWA and mobile app design corresponding to the web storefront design

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