Start your own Amazon like eshop

Retailing on Amazon is easy choice, given Amazon’s humongous customer reach, logistical strengths,  and the fact that setting up shop on Amazon takes a few minutes. Start your own Amazon like eshop as it is smarter for the following:

  1. With proven ecommerce software like Opencart and the innumerable themes and plugins in the marketplace you can design a site experience for your brands that is immersive and focused solely on your niche products at reasonable software development cost. The ibcredible clutter of all sort of products in Amazon or Flipkart can be circumvented.
  2. By creating your own SEO optimized content via blogs and product pages in adjunct to the Opencart, brands have the opportunity to own as many Search Engine Result Pages as possible. Even saturation coverage like done by IndiaMart is possible with consistent effort
  3. When your brand sells on Amazon or Flipkart, they are losing their customer relationship to the Amazon or Flipkart platform. Consequently, they lose the opportunity to engage their brand with its customers. When you start your own Amazon you will have complete control over customer’s experiences. Developers can customize it to their customers’ preferences from check out to post sales.
  4. Lack of own identity. Selling on Amazon makes it impossible for brands to build their own identity and stand apart, discoverability  becomes difficult day by day, and the rise of fake goods is the last straw. For the long term future of your brand and the company direct to customer will be imperatiive in the long run and most profitable.
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With bachelor's and masters in engineering and technology I try my best to be ahead in engineering the mobile ecosystem!

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