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Start your Amazon like E-commerce marketplace

What is a E-Commerce Marketplace?

A multi vendor platform which connects buyer and sellers/vendors at one place is called a marketplace. Traditional e-commerce stores have only Shop Owner and Customers.
But in an Online Marketplace like Amazon or Flipkart, there are other entities –

  • Marketplace Owner
  • Vendors/Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Logistics and Warehouse manager like in Flipkart
  • Shipping Providers like Dehlivery

How to create an online marketplace?

Easy using OpenCart extensions
Thanks to the e-Commerce platforms like Open cart, it becomes easy to build a marketplace.
Selling Online helps retailers or suppliers to establish a continuous relationship with their customers to provide them a seamless buying experience from anywhere

B2C Commerce

This is the standard like Amazon or Flipkart. We purchase a product from anywhere in the world and get it delivered to you. And setup of a fully equipped e-commerce website can be fast.
There are many solutions and APIs for shipping requirements, for your payment transactions like Paytm etc.
Only thing required is quality and wide range of products, payment options, timely shipping solutions and IT support.

B2B Commerce

The basic concept of a B2B marketplace is to provide a platform to the manufacturers and retailers to sell or purchase the products in bulk. The B2B Marketplace must have features like Price lists, Quotation System, Sales Agents, Communication System etc.

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