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Cross Platform App Development

What is cross platform mobile app development?

Cross-platform app development: Look at the pros and cons of this approach

  • To develop mobile apps 'cross platform' means 'development of mobile apps' that can be used on multiple mobile platforms using mainly Apache Cordova, Svelte, React Native,Flutter etc.
  • There are three mobile hardware and operating systems in the market such as Apple iOS, Android and Windows 10 etc.
  • To lower development costs it is better to choose mobile application platforms where we can develop the applications in one common language that would be supported by all the popular platforms. This is called cross platform mobile development.
  • The cross platform mobile app development technologies can be used in more devices and platforms by the (not fully) ideal 'write once run everywhere' paradigm. There are many advantages with this approach naturally.
  • Svelte cybernetically enhanced apps, Flutter and React Native along with burgeoning Rapid Vuejs development have turned the market upside down

Why cross platform mobile development?

  • Development costs involved in maintaining and building, native and unique solutions for each platform have really escalated to a great extent.Latest trends worldwide for mobile apps for various verticals and businesses is to build them as cross platform applications with a consequent decrease in the cost and effort.
  •, top app developers Asia has the best cross platform mobile app development team, providing cross platform apps for all the leading mobile operating systems including iphone, Android, Blackberry OS and Windows Phone.

Why us?

Why us for cross platform mobile app development?

  • As having the best app developers we create robust mobile apps that run in Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc saving time and money.
  • Best Mobile application system architecture in app building
  • Our top app developers build robust mobile applications by taking advantage of technologies, say Angular.js and Ionic MVC patterns - standards and industry best practices.
  • Our highly skilled cross platform app builders can build cost effective and secured mobile applications at fast turn around time.
  • Our rich experienced cross platform mobile developers can design and develop powerful mobile apps using MVC Javascript.
  • Let us create an app using PhoneGap,and if required Flutter, React Native Cocos Platform Development for fast car games,cricket games, racing games etc
  • Better communication and quick turnaround times.
  • Iterative design and development of apps through agile methodologies
  • Post development support
  • Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement Kanban for all your mobile apps from one of the top 10 Mobile App Development Companies.

Other features

  • Some are open source like Svelte, React Native, Apache Cordova, Flutter, Ionic, some not free like ( Rhomobile and ( Titanium etc
  • Create apps with Dart, JS and Java / Objective C plugins, although MVC pattern frameworks make it as complicated as anything else...try Backbone.js or Knockout.js!
  • Reduce development slightly and long-term maintenance cost
  • Cross platform mobile app technologies slightly lower the technical barriers
  • Reduce slightly the number of required skills for the development team
  • We specialize in App development for startups
  • Works best with REST API and Restful services.We have some of the best PHP Developers in India.
  • Almost single code ( almost...) for building mobile apps for iPhone and Android platforms
  • Supports all major mobile platforms include iPhone, Android, Windows, and Firefox

Offering mobile development across various categories

  • Cross Platform Mobile Business app
  • Start up Ionic service apps
  • Cross Platform Board games like Snakes and ladders or 2048 or  Sudoku
  • Cricket app
  • Travel app
  • Music or Celebrity app like for Paris Hilton or Bollywood
  • Shopping app
  • Educational apps
  • News & More

Cross Platform Mobile development tools and Frameworks for RAD applications

  • Apache Cordova / PhoneGap Developers
  • Apache Cordova is a framework that helps you to develop apps for the following devices:iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Electron, Android
  • It allows for access to hardware features including GPS/location data, accelerometer, camera, sound and more
  • As a Mobile Enterprise Application Software Company we consider it most apt for an enterprise app with Rest API, Restful services, User management application and Rapid Application Development.

  • Request a FREE Cross Platform App Development Services Quote.Send us your requirement and your contact details, and we will revert to you with a free quote and possible design and UX approaches to your app. Contact us now.