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So you need cost effective app development?

If you have got amazing mobile app ideas we are the Android app developer team you are looking for to execute that Android app development idea. Software developers in mobile development app companies, in the Android platform, are in a highly fragmented multi-device world. They find it becoming better and easier for Android application development companies. The API rules are less strict, but quality assurance testing is more intensive. We handle it. As Android app developers of cool apps on latest releases. Depending on application complexity we can provide in Flutter the app or React Native, Vue as the case may be

App development process

1. Scope Requirement, gathering of data

  • Discussing the Android app idea with you to evaluate the concept
  • Surveying similar apps in app stores before creating an app
  • Refining the idea and mobile app strategy to make it more effective for you in the mobile apps market
  • Creating final scope requirements technical specification, methodology of app engineering
  • Android mobile development costs discussion, multi platform mobile development
  • Finalizing the milestones path

2. Android App Design process. Choosing from the best app designs

  • Android app designer choosing the mobile UI design style
  • Creating initial wireframes for the Android App design UI
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Finalising android app designs, the mobile app ui

3. Android app development process

  • Android applications developer will create the android app assets (android app objects, background, animation)
  • Coding of app mechanics base
  • Unit testing
  • First Minimum Viable Product of the app which includes basic android app play and art/graphics
  • Working further on android app based upon feedback user experiences of the app
  • Level Design and App UI design elements creation
  • Develop Android app and finish Integration

4. Final Delivery of MVP that is Minimum Viable Product

  • QA and Final Testing
  • Final Android app submission
  • Submission of app into mobile app market, the Android app stores

5. Web Programming, Website Design for enterprise mobile

  • Web programming, web design and Web application development for enterprise mobile development, Mobile websites
  • Cold Fusion or PHP programming
  • RESTful APIs to connect with the app in mobile business applications
  • Content Sync, web app development and mobile website design

6. Regular Updates

  • Bug fixes and software update services, as things change very very fast

How to create an Android app?

In general as mobile app makers from top app development companies, although we are striving, truly 'authentic mobile' business apps are still pretty rare, to describe services that would be extremely difficult or impossible to achieve without taking full advantage of the unique properties of the mobile ecosystem. But getting in to market a lot of mobile games help a lot viz: Help in the 'ability to gather data via sensors and lightweight user inputs, frequent, in-the-moment, “bite size” usage, and hyper-personalization of content and operation.

Android app design and development team

  • We have experienced Android app developers and app design experts.
  • Mobile application developers specializing in native Google Play store specialities
  • Eye catching app UX designs provided using the best app design software!

Why us?

Why us for Android app development application design

  • RAD Rapid Application development tools to speed up work as any premier mobile app software development company
  • As a leading mobile software company with Android programming and Android os experts, we provide error free(almost), unit tested customized apps with almost guaranteed approval from all app stores with the best app development software.
  • We will handover a bug free native Android app after iterating with Agile methodology and complete unit testing processes.
  • As amongst top 10 mobile app development companies we offer SUPPORT/UPDATE service to maintain the native Android app for an year for our clients.
  • We are ready to sign NDA according to which you will be having full copyright on your app and its source code. We, as the app development company, will be providing you complete source code once the project is finished.
  • Do we need an NDA? Probably not, unless you have definitively confidential materials, just sharing your idea does not mean an app developer, app development company, agency, or the like can never work on a similar product. In fact, we often get requests from prospects even ones who want NDAs that ask if we have experience with similar apps or functionality.
  • We are extremely careful like most advanced mobile apps development companies about conflicts of interest. We are equally as careful about not overexposing our liability risks by providing an NDA to everyone who asks for one.

Application development tools that we use for Android App Design

  • Mobile app development tools that we use are standard issue like for using Java, now from Oracle, the Java JDKs and Android Studio and SDK tools along with debuggers, external libraries, database management systems.
  • Mobile app designers use Fluid UI mobile prototyping workflow to visualise the flow of mobile apps, mobile UX, prototypes
  • Nine-patch graphics, a stretchable bit map image Android automatically resizes using Draw9patch.bat, a part of Android SDK
  • Android Studio, Android SDK and SDK tools
  • Mobile app testing solutions like
  • Android Virtual Device Manager
  • The Hierarchy Viewer tool allows you to debug and optimize your user interface.
  • The Android lint tool is a static code analysis tool that checks your Android project source files for potential bugs and optimization improvements
  • JSlint for Javascript analysis
  • npm, webpack command line tools
  • SQLITE3, the database for apps similar to websql.
  • Systrace
  • The Jobb tool allows you to build encrypted and unencrypted APK expansion files in Opaque Binary Blob (OBB) format.
  • Proguard Java optimizer and obfuscator
  • Flutter tools
  • React Native, Vue or Apache Cordova useful for enterprise mobile applications SAP systems apps, Sales Force apps etc
  • JAVA from Oracle, JDK 1.17

How to make an app and cost to build an app?

Applications We Develop for Android

  • Smartphone apps include as always mobile game development like 2048 game , White tiles game
  • Developing Android apps for news, real time: Get fresh news on politics. Mobile apps news for say Cricket Live Scores using RSS/XML
  • Innovative mobile apps using GPS. Location based cell phone app design
  • Designing for Android Google Fit apps: Connecting to the new Google Fit platform,an open platform that lets users control their fitness data, developers build smarter apps, and manufacturers focus on creating amazing devices.
  • Business apps for Wall Street & Dalal Street, streaming quotes of NYSE,NASDAQ or NSE or CAX,DAX or FTSE
  • Video streaming app development
  • Social Analytics and other networking Android app development for smartphone applications
  • Enterprise mobile apps, mobile apps for business and Marketing mobile phone application
  • For free app design and app development services contact us today
  • For modern Flutter and React Native apps check this out today