Backend Techmologies

Development of backend frameworks using backend technologies like Node, PHP, and .NET

Backend and APIs

Web programming backend, or MBass and Restful services

The terms “front end” and “back end” are distinctions which refer to the separation of concerns between a presentation layer and a data access layer respectively. In simple words, front end is what you see -the UI and the back end is how it works - the model. The front end is an interface between the user and the back end.

The back-end has three parts to it: server, application, and database. Programmers or back end developers work with Node, PHP or .Net

Definition RESTful APIs : When Web services use REST architecture, they are called RESTful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or REST APIs. REST architecture involves session less interchange of requests and responses

Many methods have sprung up over the years to get computers connected together via a network talking the same language or "protocols", and it has led to the acceptance of a stack of agreed upon standards, each addressing computer communication in a specific way. At the top of this stack are the Application and Presentation layers, where business logic and the data resulting from it is exchanged. REST sits on this stack in a way helping humans to understand what is being exchanged while allowing computers to talk to one another efficiently. Other similar technologies such as SOAP (which requires lots of computing power and is not really appropriate for the constrained resources of mobile applications), JMS ( for Java applications) and XML-RPC (which has many of the same problems as SOAP ). REST allows for a minimum amount of data to be passed using the same well-established mechanisms. This allows programmers to more rapidly build programs that access and act upon data exposed via APIs, even in environments with unreliable network speeds and limited computing power. REST works almost exactly like a website in a browser. A resource is exposed to a program via a URL. The program can access that URL and receive data about the resource, not unlike when you type in a URL to your browser and get a web page back. Well designed RESTful APIs include additional links the program can follow to request related information or to submit data to update the given resource. Thus this becomes very crucial for a company making applications and back ends for mobile apps.


PHP is one of the most used back-end languages. When a PHP page is requested, the server parses the PHP code, which in most cases results in dynamically created HTML.


.Net is an open-source programming language of Microsoft that use .NET technologies.


As an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime, Node.js is designed to build scalable network applications

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