Top 6 video live streaming solution comparison

Video streaming solutions

Key features for TV stations broadcasting video streaming online:

# API Access: An API (Application Programming Interface) provides professional integration that’s essential for TV stations. Video APIs allow you to create custom video portals, web and mobile apps

# Monetization subscription plan : Need a video management system with subscription payment gateways

# Online advertising is implemented via a video player API plus an ad-serving system like VAST or VPAID.

Now that we have a list of key features, let’s examine some of the top video live streaming solutions

1. 0 IBM Cloud Video

API Access:  IBM Cloud Video include a “Channel API” that provides full programmatic RESTFUL access. This allows users to easily create mobile and web apps, integrate workflows, and more. Access starts with plans costing more than $999.

Monetization Tools: IBM Cloud Video’s Enterprise plans support monetization via a subscription model.

Bandwidth Cost: The IBM Cloud Video business provides basic plans for small and medium-scale streamers..

2.0 Brightcove

API Access: The Brightcove platform includes a number of different APIs. This includs a video API, and other APIs allowing you to  extend, customize, and integrate the platform.

Monetization Tools: Video Cloud includes monetization tools, but only for advertising and with plans costing more that $499/month.

Bandwidth Cost: Brightcove’s Marketing services package includes video marketing tools and analytics, and starts at $199 per month. However, this plan does not include live streaming.

3.0 Kaltura

API Access: Kaltura provides a range of APIs, including a video platform API, to help you integrate their service.

Monetization Tools: Kaltura doesn’t have built-in monetization tools, but you can integrate external tools for monetization.

Kaltura pricing for their pay-as-you-go services started at $0.17 per GB for outbound traffic, plus $0.25 per minute live streamed.

4.0 Livestream

API Access: Livestream offers a video playback API and content management API to users on their Enterprise plans ($999/month and up).

Monetization Tools: Monetization options, including subscriptions and advertising support, are included with Enterprise plans

Bandwidth Cost: Livestream includes unlimited bandwidth, viewers, storage, and playback for Enterprise users. Enterprise plans start at $999 per month and range upwards

5.0 DaCast

API Access: DaCast’s RESTful video API provides full, programmatic access.

Monetization Tools: DaCast has a built-in paywall that supports subscriptions and pay-per-view. Advertising monetization is supported as well.

Bandwidth Cost: TV stations are most likely to be more interested in DaCast’s Premium ($125/month) and Enterprise ($289/month) plans.

6.0. Mux Video:

The API to Video | Mux: Mux is video infrastructure built by the experts. Take any video file or live stream and make it play beautifully at scale on any device.


Looking for a video live streaming solution with websites and mobile apps working with TV stations? Contact us now: sales@webprogr.com

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