Ecommerce user stories

Web shop application requirements

The two most common techniques to specify requirements in
regards to user usage are use case and user story. The user stories are a less formal yet descriptive enough way to outline these requirements.

Using user stories, we encapsulate the customer and store manager actions viz:
A customer should be able to do the following:
• Browse through static info pages (about us, customer service)
• Reach out to the store owner via a contact form
• Browse the shop categories
• See product details (price, description)
• See the product image with a large view (zoom)
• See items on sale
• See best sellers
• Add the product to the shopping cart
• Create a customer account
• Update customer account info
• Retrieve a lost password
• Check out
• See the total order cost
• Choose among several payment methods
• Choose among several shipment methods
• Get an email notification after an order has been placed
• Check order status
• Cancel an order
• See order history

A store manager should be able to do the following:
• Create a product (with the minimum following attributes: title, price, sku,
url-key, description, qty, category, and image)
• Upload a picture of the product
• Update and delete a product
• Create a category (with the minimum following attributes: title, url-key,
description, and image)
• Upload a picture to a category
• Update and delete a category
• Be notified if a new sales order has been created
• Be notified if a new sales order has been canceled
• See existing sales orders by their statuses
• Update the status of the order
• Disable a customer account
• Delete a customer account

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