Grocery fruits and vegetables selling app

On demand fruit & vegetable selling app

Buyers are now quite comfortable ordering apparel, shoes, electronics, among others, online. With improving comfort with online payments, selling groceries online from a mobile app has become relatively easy.  Indispensable is a grocery app to sell  vegetables online. Check out a professional OpenCart  vegetables store

With a large customer base and increasing penetration of Internet connectivity (mainly through smartphones Android and iOS) and growing popularity of online shopping, lots of entrepreneurs have seen the potential in creating e-stores for groceries. If you understand the retail market, a bit of creative thinking and excellent customer service can help you build a great business.

Grocery app development

grocery app development

Grocery e-tailing is challenging, but it also has the advantage of high percentage of repeat orders. All you need to do is impress a customer with the first order. Once a customer is satisfied, you can have one more regular in your clientele. Most grocery e-stores cater to a specific city or certain areas due to the logistic constraints, but all with grocery apps.

E-grocers have set up systems to accept orders over the phone, which in itself can be an independent business model. But now an mobile grocery app gives more engagement with push notifications and the like. Mobile grocery app would be both for Android and iOS operating systems

Though big retailers are yet to enter the segment, there is some competition from local grocery stores that provide home-delivery services. However, smart logistics and vendor tie-ups can help e-stores gain customer favor by offering them a price advantage.

Online Grocery App Development Solution

We offer a fully white label grocery shopping app solution for supermarkets, grocery chains, aggregators and startups to build and grow their grocery business.

We enable grocery delivery startups and aggregators to launch a feature-rich grocery app like Instacart or Grofers and Amazon

Grocery Chains!

Offer a one-stop grocery shopping app across all your stores and manage everything from a central dashboard.Establish a direct engagement  between your Kirana shop and your loyal grocery shoppers and grow your business.

On the mobile app people can choose add to basket and order with the order even if required going by email.A modest back end is what at the most required !

1.You can choose from a range of your categories
2.Your customer can add products to cart. Build cart by adding items
3.Get scheduled deliveries fresh, frozen, as juice, canned and dried. etc with cash on delivery or credit card or net banking or Paypal NOW

4.Easily Integrate with your Payment Gateway
With many popular payment gateways built-in, you can start accepting payment immediately. And if you need to integrate a custom module, there are hundreds of community-contributed payment modules to select from, or from which to build your own.

5. e-Start Your Web Store with OpenCart. Works with any* hosting company or cloud
You may install the software on any hosting service you prefer ; OpenCart® will run on servers with relatively simple requirements of PHP, Apache, MySQL.
6.Offer special discounts, coupons etc
7.Other payment possibilities like Paytm and other gateways for net banking, credit cards etc at extra cost

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Technologies used:

  1. Industry standard Magento or OpenCart or any
  2. PHP Restful API
  3. PWA with React or Vue or Angular
  4. Payment gateways using approved extensions

Get your business a  professional OpenCart e-commerce website  (or in Magento) or PWA also to tango with the Vegshopper grocery app now for selling fruit and vegetables online. Call us now for free sample demo for your business

Take a look  here for  a scalable  industry standards Opencart grocery site for your grocery app development requirements

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