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Like larger firms, SME’s will have to utilize new information technologies to reinforce the development of its managerial capacities in both local and global markets. And a digital marketing campaign utilizes digital media in order to reach customers in the market. An increasing number of online customers are making a lot of start-ups and small businesses to go online. Among which  the vegetable sales app business that is grocery, fruits and vegetable, fashion and home furnishing sellers are prominent.Digital helping SMEs boost sales 10 fold.

Grocery is a very hyperlocal business. .Online grocery stores are holding a huge potential and as per the recent report bmay soon be  $1.5 billion in India alone. Eg: The e-grocery startup – Big-basket, Grofers  and Amazon, are witnessing rapid growth of the online grocery market in India and have increasing funding to support that. Reason? People are becoming lazy to go out and shop their daily requirements when they can get fresh fruits and vegetables with a tap on an app!.Digital helping SMEs boost sales 

For small-scale businesses interested in creating an online grocery store, getting a grocery and vegetable app developed can bring added benefits like regular customers and increased sales which will help stay ahead of the local competitors. How? Because there will be no headache of bargaining, plus your discounts and offers will keep them coming to your app and referring it to others which means more income.

Expertise we offer in say vegetable sales on an app include as follows:

Mobile app development

 Android and iOS App

Get your apps published on Google Play and Apple App store and be visible to  potential customers on local market.

Branded Apps

Build your brand with an app having your logo, color scheme,ads and banners.

Website & Web App

Your own domain name

Buy your own domain and give it to us. We will create a website on behalf of you.

Fast and Easy UI

Gives your shoppers convenience while shopping.

Can Do it yourself with Website builder

Design your home page with your creative ideas

Progressive Web App  PWA

If websites are browsed from mobile,web app automatically gets loaded which exactly works like native app. It brings best of both channels be it website or be it App.

Brand it

Get your own branded website where you can display your Logo, Color Scheme etc

Search Engine Optimized web pages

Websites are searchable to get you visibility among new and existing users.

Sales and Marketing 

Discount  Coupons

Increase sales through your app & website by giving exclusive offers and promotional coupons to your customers.

Refer and Earn

Increase your customer base by allowing your existing customers to market your app and website on your behalf among their entire network and earn through it.

Search engine optimized e-commerce website  using Open cart/Zencart

Social selling: Digital helping SMEs like in vegetable sales apps

Social media is free, but social media marketing is not !
Take advantage of social media platforms by turning them in to an effective sales channel. Sell through Facebook, Whats App or any other social platform.

Social Media Product Sharing

Share your products on various social media platform by using deep link.

Push Notifications through the mobile apps and also PWA

Notify your customers about any offers, discounts, new arrivals and so on to increase sales.

Catalog of products

Unlimited Categories

Add unlimited categories

Product Listing View

Products can be presented in multiple ways such as List view, Grid view and Full screen view

Add Product Variants

Products can be added according to multiple attributes such as sizes, colors, brands, materials etc

Group/Tier Pricing

Allows you to display price differently to different groups of customers. Multiple groups can be created based on customer levels and ranks with different pricing.

Wish List

Products can be added and saved in the wish list which customer wants to buy in near future.

Product Filters

Multiple filters can be added on products irrespective of sizes, colors, brand, type and so on.

Multiple Product Images

Retina images  and 360 view can be added showcasing all the angles of product.

 Upload Images Irrespective of Dimensions

No need to click images as per the grids provided to you. Just click any image and upload it irrespective of sizes, grids will automatically get resized.

Back Office

Order Delivery Scheduling

Schedule your order deliveries as per your customer’s convenience.

Order Invoicing

Share order invoices through emails after delivery/dispatch of the order. Use transaction emails via SendGrid

Digital helping SMEs boost sales
Grocery app development

Order Status Management

Change the status of the order as Under Process, Dispatched, Out for Delivery and so on to keep your customer updated with the Order Status Notification.

Order Cancellation and Refund

Manage the cancellations and refund easily

Order Status Notifications

Keep your customers updated by sending them order status SMS. SMS packs extra

Shopping Cart and Checkout

Configure Taxes -GST

Add applicable taxes rule as per your industry/category/ GST

Take Additional Information on Checkout

You can create a form with additional information required at the time of checkout to gather more detailed data relevant to your customer.

Delivery Schedule

You can take preferred date and time for delivery from your customers

Payments Methods via Payment gateways

Allow your customers to make hassle free payments.


Increase your sales with the most preferred option which allows making payment after the delivery of the product.

Credit Card

Accept online payment in the most secured manner.

Debit Card

Ease out the payment chaos by letting your customer pay securely via debit card.

Net Banking

Take online payment without any worries. All the securities are taken care of.


Let your customer deposits the money in advance for faster checkout. Wallet is also integrated with Referral, where all the earned money will be deposited in the app wallet. Also all the refunds via cancellations can be reflected in the wallet.

Reports & Analytics

Sales Report

Get the order and sales details to work on future  strategies.

Abandoned Carts Report

Not everybody who adds product to a cart makes the purchases.Get the reports of the abandoned carts

Customers Reports

Get your customer’s necessary details for further analysis

Product Reports

Get the details of highest selling and lowest selling products and see which products should be kept, which should be discontinued and which should be introduced.

Google Keyword Search Report

Know what keywords are most searched to add on the particular terminology to your product specification or to add on any new product.

Google Analytics Report

Track your sales, visits and many more to compose your promotional tactics.

Traffic Report from Google

Get the details of the locations/regions/areas which accounts for your maximum visitors and where exactly you require promotion.

Domestic Payment Gateways

Using any like Razorpay

International Payment Gateways

Take payments trouble- free irrespective of geographies.


WordPress Content Management System

Unlimited Content Pages

Add unlimited pages as per your requirement.


Share the content relevant to your industry, product or any other details to educate your customers.

Get a Facebook Store

Grab More Customers

Get access to millions of active Facebook users.

Engage Existing Customers

Hold on existing users by exclusive offers and schemes on your showcased products.

Grow Your Reach

Build your customer base by attractive programs and get visible to more people.

Manage and Track your Business using SAS – Software As Service

Marketplace Integration

Manage orders and inventories across multiple selling channels


Delivery Management and Tracking

Streamline all your deliveries and get real time tracking of your scheduled deliveries, driver updates.


POS Integration

Get your inventories organised if you are doing business offline as well as online by having POS system on your store which is in sync with your online presence.


Logistic Management in vegetable sales app biz

Use any particular logistic provider.


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