App in development – cheap services

Why on the earth one needs to have app in development for mobile phones? What are the usefulness of it? What about cheep services?

Answer may vary, but the most common are the following needs:

# Doctor appointment video chat services
# Video streaming solutions
# Multimedia Tools
# Branding Solutions
# m-Marketplaces
# #AI powered apps
# m-Educators
# Leisure & Lifestyle

How to select the best outsourcing company for mobile app in development?

Choosing a mobile app development company to outsource to make the mobile app for the company is an arduous task. There are many ingredients that had to be evaluated before outsourcing it. Aggregators like Appfutura do not help as their rating depends on subscription/money.

If the project is big one it is worthwhile to study the progress of thousands of app development companies before selecting a perfect company. There are a huge pool of mobile app companies but very few deserve to be called the best. Many  offer cheep services which are potential business breakers

Factors to be considered while selecting any outsourcing company:

App Development skills:

How one can measure the skills and experience of any development firm? If the team is well-experienced and skilled enough then the project created for clients will be high-ended, which reflects their quality of work.


Client references are very important because it re-assures the kind and level of services they receive.

Delivery Time frame:

Ensure that the company you choose is capable enough to meet your deadlines and expected quality.

Technology and Tools Awareness:

What devices and tools are used by android and iOS developers in the development stage? Are they aware of the latest programming framework? Will they be able to support to latest versions and OS capabilities? Once sure with right answers then move ahead.

Companies strive to deliver the solutions in best innovative manner. App development of user-centric applications and customer first approach is something that ranks us top in all of them.

Look for companies that are available 24*7/365 to solve queries and provide suggestion for your development project. Please ensure the mobile app developer has the following abilities:

Having Strong technology competency
Following Agile Methodology
Flexible engagement models
Years of experience
Seamless communication to sort queries
Competitive pricing & support models

In addition to a good mobile app development company should provide the following:

It is well known that android and ios are ruling mobile market at present, so the app should be available in both of them. To achieve that a development team should have experience for making app in both iOS and Android.

It is always a safe bet to have a native app. Do not go for hybrid app development. If an app development company only offers hybrid it is better to discard.

UX/UI development

Select the best UX/UI specialists as well (hiring separate teams may be problematic and more expensive). Before selecting check their previous work, visit their profile on Behance and ask if they’re familiar with the newest design trends and guidelines, like Google Material Design and iOS Human Interface.

Workshops and clickable prototypes

Choose companies that organise workshops, during which they present clickable mockups of the prototype version of the app. Checking out such an app is not only fun, but can also tell a lot about the quality of the company’s work.

Quality assurance

A very important part of the development process is testing, so ensure the software company employs a team of QA specialists who check who analyse the app’s responsiveness by examining its performance on various devices (phones and tablets).

Agile process

Find out if the company works according to the principles of agile software development.

No cultural gap

Choose developers who fully understand business goals, you need to think about cultural gaps and language barriers.

Market submission

Make sure that the company will assist you in the market submission of the app. If needed, they should help in creating iTunes Connect or Google Play account, in uploading the description, setting the right keywords etc.

Further maintenance

It is important to gather the feedback from users and to introduce needed changes. iOS and Android are frequently updated so the app should work fine on every new version of these systems. Ensure software company does so.

Good opinion

Read reviews done by an independent research company, before selecting a company.

These are the most important qualities of a trustworthy mobile app development company. And mind you cheep services will not do


With bachelor's and masters in engineering and technology I try my best to be ahead in engineering the mobile ecosystem!

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