Apps drive patient engagement and better healthcare outcomes

With the advancements in tech and as apps drive patient engagement, healthcare providers, insurance payers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies need to act like other consumer-facing businesses, delivering high quality, engaging digital experiences that will improve patient care and drive better healthcare outcomes. We enable healthcare organizations to quickly deliver winning patient and connected care applications to any device Android or iOS viz: Mobile, tablet, wearable, web and chat bot applications quickly creating as apps drive patient engagement

Apps drive patient engagement

Features include:

  • Patient experience app templates  to quickly deliver successful mobile, tablet, web, wearable, voice and chat bot apps.
  • Cloud service  integrated, configurable and compliant cloud services, accessible via SLIM REST APIs, FOR EASY integration development, testing etc
  • Secure, easy access to health services connecting EMR, enterprise and cloud systems with online/offline user access.
  •  HIPAA compliant

     Doctor Appointment App – apps drive patient engagement

    • Doctor appointment app to help their patients with appointment scheduling and to check availability..
    • Hospitals & Nursing Homes  app to simplify the process of doctor appointment booking with a mobile app for their organization.apps drive patient engagement

Central feature – booking: The first step in booking an appointment is choosing an appropriate date with an interactive calendar where they can see availability of doctor to set an appointment.

One can  book appointment up of 3-4 days.Once a user selects the date, the app will show the list of available doctors. User should be able to send request for appointment. And you may also add built-in chat so that users can discuss additional questions or issues.

Once everything is discussed, the doctor confirms the request and the appointment is considered to be assigned.Then the payment option. An ad monetization model should be considered with in-app payment feature.

In-app guide to the doctor’s clinic or office with Google Maps embedded.

However, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions regarding doctor appointment app, and also about our mobile app development services. And don’t forget to contact us – Email: to get the accurate estimation for your doctor appointment app project

As mobile apps drive patient engagement



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