Tomer Kagan wants to Take Google Away From You

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Tomer Kagan, CEO and co-founder of Quixey, a tech startup that describes its business as “the search engine for apps.”

Sounds modest enough — until you realize what Kagan really has in mind, which is nothing less than going after Google, disrupting its business and breaking its near-monopolistic hold over Internet search.Helps marketing  digital plan and sales strategy.
Quixey search for apps
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Bringing  augmented reality to jewelry industry- AR jewelry app AR jewelry app helps jewelry industry
Some companies deliver beautiful business analytics App in a fraction of cost ($10K) and in
In the past there was a big hype around the potential for interactive e-book apps.
Bitcoin apps use peer-to-peer technology to operate without any central authority or banks; managing transactions and


With bachelor's and masters in engineering and technology I try my best to be ahead in engineering the mobile ecosystem!

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