Doctor appointment app services for doctors to help patient engagement

Doctor appointment app aims to help clinics, hospital and individual doctors/physicians, who have their own practice. It is advisable for them to have one such mobile app, which will provide a whole lot about the doctor, Hours of Operation, Awards, Office, Video, testimonials, photo gallery, Social Pages like Facebook & Twitter. It will primarily have an appointment scheduler from which patients can select and set up appointments from their app itself. The appointments made by the patient by using app will be sent to the cloud and it will be forwarded to Doctor’s Office in real time.

Features of our Doctor appointment app:

Doctor Office appointment App is available for Android and cross platform to be used in any platform.
Branding will be incorporated in the app, truly be unique to Clinic.
Using Push Notifications Option doctors will able to reach patient in real-time.
Doctors can make Real-Time changes app, with live dashboard.
Google Analytics that generates detailed statistics about your app’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales.
It will give your Practice the ability to stay ahead of the competition and generate new patients.
App Exclusive for your Practice: Don’t lose prospective customers when they leave your app to place appointments to your competition.

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Need for Patient Appointment scheduler App

Most of the healthcare or clinics find it difficult to schedule. The staff needs to check the availability of the doctor and freeze an appointment for a patient. Sometimes the patient may not turn up for the appointment, which needs re-allocation of the appointment timings such that the resource is utilised properly. So, people find it difficult to do manual appointment scheduling, which is replaced by mobile appointment scheduler application.

Why choose

It is always recommended to go with the experts when choosing the application. We have more than 5+ years of experience in mobile application development. We have variety of applications. Each meets a unique requirement. Our mobile applications are solutions for different industry such as e-commerce, hotels, healthcare and much more. Our developers keep themselves updated with the latest tools and technology. All our mobile solutions are highly secured such that all information is safe during transaction and processing. Above all, the application is available for all mobile platforms such as Android.

doctor appointment app

Patient appointment mobile application

App is a robust healthcare solution that has been developed for Android. The Patient Appointment application allows the users to fix appointment with the hospital/clinic. They can fix the appointment flexibly from anywhere at anytime which reduces the manual workload of the hospital/clinic staff. The application check the availability of the resource(doctor/clinical machines) and fixes the appointment.

The patients can always check their status and be in contact with the hospital with one-touch call or email. They can also call ambulance on one touch call in times of emergency. The application also updates the patient about health tips and reminders to take pills. Other useful features are:

Pill/Appointment reminder

Reminders about the appointments are intimated to patients, so it reduces the number of no-shows and appointment cancellations. Patient appointment application also provides useful reminders about the pills to be taken regularly at a particular time period. So, they can remain noncompliant. application is user-friendly with simple navigation which allows to set reminders easily.

Remind time to take tablets
Check availability
Remind appointment time
Reduce no-shows and cancellations

The application checks for the availability of the doctor, before fixing the appointment. The availability of specialists are also announced to the patients as news such that they can use the free slots of the doctor properly. This reduces the confusions and implements best resource utilization.

The App gives scope for the patients to maintain interaction with the hospital/clinic. Further more the patients can contact the hospital with one-touch call or SMS or email. They can also call the ambulance at the time of emergency using the application. Thus, the application has every feature, which can keep the patients in constant touch with the hospital/clinic.

Reports/Health tips in doctor appointment app

All the records of the patient is organized in one place, which can reduce the confusions. The clinical files such as CT, MR, X-ray, scan and lab results can be attached with the patient record using the application. This in turn helps to get a better service from the hospital/clinic. The application also provides health tips to the patients. The patients are educated with relevant health tips that may be very useful for the patients.

Live chat/demo possible in doctor appointment app

The main aim of the application is to provide an easy platform for the patient to contact the clinic. Apart from appointment, the patients can engage in live chat with the nutritionists or other technical persons to clear doubts. In case of Ortho, the patients can also view the live demo of the exercise.

Interactive map in doctor appointment app

The mobile application has map feature. The patients can locate the various Departments of the hospital on the map geographically. They can also find out the distance between the clinic and the current location on the map.

Briefly following are special features of doctor appointment app.

Patient can view the video demo of doing exercises especially for the ortho
Displays doctor’s availability.
View facilities available for surgeries and success rate.
Interactive map to reach the hospitals from their current location.
Patients can post their problem and get an advice later.
Patients can view the health tips for a healthy life.
Pill Reminder to take tablets on correct time/period.
The report files can be attached with application
Publish news about arrival of Specialist
Live chat to answer the query
Reminder notifications about appointments using message or by a recorded call.
Customers signup/login to register an appointment


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