Book Apps for Authors – Needed for a vast readership

If a novelist or an author wants his book to reach to a vast readers, he or she must then opt for Book Apps as an easy answer to the daunting question. Book Apps are apps from text files and images. After doing so place the book apps onto app marketplace. Then readers can easily search in the App store and download the book to read on their own devices. Availability of the page flipping effect, easy navigation by table of contents makes it convenient reading experience for all of the readers.

Create Book Apps for books, magazines

Easy to create Apps for books. Book Apps allows writers and publishers to convert thousands of books to Android Apps for publishing, then people can download books from Google play store easily and read them.

Flip book pages on Android and iOS devices

This flipping the page while reading gives the reader a real feeling of reading a book, though the reader does show in an app. People then can slide on screen to flip pages with ease, as if they are reading a real book everywhere.

Customize book info totally

While building your Book Apps with , an author will be enabled to totally define book info and designs, including Book Name, Author, Category, Website, Description, Icon, Cover, Display Font and so on. One just can design unique appearance for apps easily.

Convenience for reading

It helps readers with wonderful and easy tools to enhance reading experience. For example, Day/Night Reading Modes.  Apps created by us have full customization and authors can change book font, day/night mode font color and background color, line spacing, etc.

Clear table of contents to guide readers

Author can create series of chapters for the books , and while reading the published book apps, readers can easily jump to different chapter by clicking the chapter name in the table of contents panel. Authors can create the book apps with easy navigation for all readers.

Easy change Book Apps language

To make the app more acceptable and attractive, we also enable authors to change the language of their book apps. They can change all related titles or options into their own language, for example, change the navigation tips “Previous”, “Next” or Book “Author”, “Category”, etc.. Besides, they can change the book content direction as “Left to Right” or “Right to Left”. Bring more creditable Book Apps to your Android and iOS fan readers.


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