How much does it cost to build android app in INR

Interested to know how much does it cost to build Android app in India? Read the following: The mobile app is simply the status symbol for any business, irrespective of being small big, for any reason it was developed. Android application development is not that hard. Only catch here is that one should know clearly the app budget.

Global leaders in app making and how much does it cost to build android app

InfoSystem, Webprogr, Appmobi, OpenExcel, Streamfix solution are some of the bigger names in app development. They charge anywhere between Rs 60,000 to 2,00,000 for an app depending on their complexity. If the budget allows it, it is worth getting it done through anyone of them. Otherwise read the following.

How much does it cost to build Android app

Available Platforms for making App

HTML5, android, iPhone, windows, Blackberry are the platforms available to make app. Among them iPhone is the most dominant platform especially in the iPhone segment. But, during the initial stage of development Android is one of the best choices to be selected, because majority of the application market is covered by the Android platform. As Android covers the maximum user base it is the best marketing option to highlight app visibility and maximum user base.

Type of app determines how much does it cost to build an Android app, which is discussed below:

Basic Functional App:

This will cost around Rs 60000 – 90000. With some additional cost one can integrate GPS locator, social media or many many third party components.

Native Database Application:

Basic app development with logic within the application and development of architecture. It will increase the budget to around Rs 42000 – 44500.

Gaming Application :

Hardest and the most complex application because of features 3D, speed, accelerator, mesmerizing graphics to enhance user experience. The cost factor varies as per requirement but, generally it starts by Rs 610,000 – 60,00,000 .

Advancement or Modification of wire-frame:

Important functions of the device that are useful in application like camera, alarm and extra features and functionalities, are to be incorporated in the app, then the cost will slightly increase.

Design cost:

The steering kingpin for an app is user experience and customization, requiring one to hire an entire designing team. Bear in min the user will pay for what you give. Mobile app design needs to be decent enough so as to engage the user. Designing cost may vary Rs 90000 – 1200,00.

Other than the stated factors the following factors also influence how much does it cost to build android app

1) Back-end Development: Back end team’s job to provide back end support to the app, which will add cost to the tune of Rs 60,000 – 1,20,000.
2) Web service Development: This is needed to update and make changes in the app with XML files instead of raw code changes. It may cost around 1,20,000 – 36,00,00.
3) Integrating third party tools and SDKs: For leveraging user with a facility of Social media tools and various plug-ins along with various SDK’s and frameworks then, additionally will cost around Rs 70000 – 1,00,000.

The following features will add value to the android app the business would like to make, but will definitely add to its cost.

Admin panel development

An admin panel helps to operate apps, manage users and content, view stats, and more.

In-app purchases

There are various forms of in-app purchases that one can implement.

Use of hardware components
Moderns smartphones are packed with different hardware components such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, heart rate sensors, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, barometers, and others.

Number of devices and OS

An Android app, should ideally be compatible with the latest and the previous versions of  Android Android Marshmellow or Nougat downwards till Android 4.3

Custom designs and animations

Custom user interfaces are rather complex to implement, so the cost would be higher than the price of building from standard components.

Miscellaneous factors that add to cost are:

Marketing and promotion, Testing & QA, Server maintenance and troubleshooting, support & Maintenance cost, Pay-pal and GPS and other location integration cost are other miscellaneous factors that add to cost.

Finally, how much would it cost to develop android application?
The cost is determined by the variables. Overall if the need is Application + Back-end Development + Web-service Development then Android App Development may cost you around Rs. 200,000 to 300,000.

If one wishes to have a dream of making the most successful app then above companies are the best solution.


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