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In this modern era, no body wants to waste time in an outpatient clinic for having a followup or to have a consultation. Everyone wants something ready made that makes seeing a doctor instantly. So, people ring the physician’s office to book appointment. At present doctors have come out with their apps that can be downloaded from google directly. has also made their Patient Appointment App in Googleplay store, which any doctor can use and recommend his or her patients’ to use to book their appointment. It is instant and easy.

Features available are as under:
Create your account with a simple Facebook / Google sign up or just Skip this Step.

Video/image of the clinic:

This feature enable new patients to have bird’s view on the clinic.  They will have more clear idea as to what to expect when they visit on the appointed time.  Peep inside the clinic before hand.

Users/patients can choose their date and time with the availability of the doctor. Anybody can book doctor appointment on behalf of patients.

Review of Past Appointments:

All your meeting with the doctor is recorded here and one can go through with it easily. There will be notings about the Upcoming Appointments also.
Use of Calendar: All appointment details can be saved in the calendar that is provided.

Use of SMS: SMS alerts can be used to track the appointments.

Sharing of experience and comments about your meeting with the doctor can be posted in social sites like facebook, and twitter.

This app is an useful app from the’s various apps, which are readily available.  For sample please visit our site.

Other features : Patient Appointment App:

Useful for patients who regularly follow with Physicians, Gynaecologists & Obstetricians, Infertility Specialists, Orthopedicians, Pediatricians, Dentists, Ophthalmologists, ENT Specialists, Cardiologists, Diabetologists, Dermatologists, and Psychiatrists.

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