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Standalone eBook applications have assumed a very big space. Still many people just do not understand the difference between such apps and actual eBook files. While applications like Toy Story and The Cat in the Hat are very interactive, these additional features cannot be added to an eBook, their creation, delivery, and marketing are completely different than children’s eBooks.

Creating applications like Cat in the Hat app on the iPad Toy Story app on the iPad are usually a very expensive endeavor, and there are many pitfalls along the way. Once the goal of having an ebook is settled, research apps and eBooks and compare them to each other on a point-by-point basis and see what will work best to meet your vision for the end product.

Creation of standalone ebook applications

eBooks and apps are created with code and tools, which are totally different from children’s book apps. They are built using HTML and CSS like an eBooks, but they also have to include other code and functionality to replicate the interaction of the eBook software itself (e.g., page turn animations, bookmarks, etc.). .

To have an app built, you will need to find a developer that creates iOS and/or Android apps and work with them to develop the perfect app for your book.

Delivery and Marketing of Standalone ebook Applications

Apps are designed to be sold through app stores (e.g., iTunes, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore). Thus a situation is created, so as to make the app to compete against games like Angry Birds for attention in the stores, and you will probably need to rely on the app developer to get the apps they create up for sale, as those uploading processes are typically created with developers in mind, not publishers or authors.

Most app stores do not have very good categorization breakdowns for ebooks applications. Making it stuck in a single category with hundreds or even thousands of other apps and books, including the actual eBook reading apps like Kindle for Android, iBooks, etc. This makes marketing your eBook difficult, as does the confusion about where the book is available for purchase.

Making the Right Choice for standalone ebook applications Project

The best advice we have for clients desiring to build an standalone ebook applications are:

Find a developer in your own area, or someone who has experience making eBook apps already, so that you can have more control over the design and functionality of the app.

Have ideas when you go into the process of what you want, but prioritize them so that you know what to cut as the expenses rise

Be willing to be flexible on development ideas depending on the capabilities of your developer

Be aware that Apple requires all standalone ebook applications to do more than is possible in a fixed layout ePub file in iBooks, so go in with some ideas for making your app more interactive than the eBook files you create.

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