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As an author you wrote a book that deserves to be told, not only by words via ebook, but in its visual presentation, also. The novel might be most exquisitely written, to catch buyers’ attention, cover, formatting that is pleasant to the eye, and easy to process are also needed as a package. We convert your manuscript into an e-book without you lifting a finger. We know it’s your story, and we will help you tell it to the world.

Formatting the ebook

Headers, footers, and page numbers are important to ebook because of varying screen sizes and the ability of the reader to change font sizes, words will “reflow” to the next page. We use automatic software to convert from PDF to ePub, which retains headers, footers, and page numbers. We are aware that paragraphs will need to be rejoined from one page to another, and that headers, footers, and page numbers will need to be removed manually.

Indexing of ebook

Indexing of an ebook is a search feature. It is so much more robust and more intelligent than a linked index can be. It finds every instance of that search word or term in the ebook, and includes the surrounding text, so that the reader knows the information in context.

Fonts of an ebook

It is a good idea to embed fonts in children’s ebook, for most books, specifying a font is not recommended.

An ebook is structured quite a bit like a simple html- and css-based website. It can do many of the same things that a website can do, provided that the e-reader can do those things, too. One big benefit of having your ebook professionally designed is that we know what the ebook can and cannot do.

Ebook and print book can be quite different, the need for beauty and functionality remains the same

Formatting is yet another way, just like editing and great cover design, to set your book apart from other writers. At the end of the day, great book design honors your hard work, and, ultimately, it honors your readers.

What is ebook formatting?

Ebook formatting is a digital file. It should meet the publisher’s requirements and provide enjoyable reading experience.

Why do you need your ebook formatted?

Uploading an formatted Word file will bring good results when compared to the unformatted books.

Who need format books for?

Format books help self published authors and small publishers. The formatted books are prepared to upload, without issue, to Android Google playstore and Apple app stores.

When to expect my formatted file?

It has the fastest turnaround times in the business. Turnaround time within 15 days of payment (10 days for rush jobs).

Further steps

Contact us: Send us a message. We’ll get back to you within next 24 hrs.

We will  send ready-to-use files.

Upload manuscript: Upload your manuscript as a Word file (docx).

Choose design

Choose best design for your genre. Add favorite cover or pick one of our designs.

See it in app stores after approvals

Send us email: mktg@webprogr.com for ebook publishing.

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