Virtual touch and try-on AR jewelry app

Bringing  augmented reality to jewelry industry- AR jewelry app

AR jewelry app helps jewelry industry engage and educate today’s consumers and be more transactional with consumers through augmented reality.Augmented reality is technology that puts  a computer generated image onto a user’s view of the real world, providing a composite view.

Benefits of AR jewelry app

It brings to retailers and customers a cohesive digital consumer experience across online, mobile and in-store channels. Among the offerings for retailers are mobile-augmented commerce, augmented product catalog, print and product augmentation, 3-D augmented view, virtual touch and try-on, beacons for “near me” coupons and offers, image recognition for digital offers, and geo-fencing and sensor integration.

AR jewelry app

The augmented reality market, along with that of virtual reality, is booming.

AR jewelry app:  Nothing spurs desire like trying on jewelry.

Augmented apps place customers virtually inside a product or store. It gives customers the chance to interact on their smart phones and mobile devices, and encourage them to purchase more often, simply because they are more involved with and stimulated by your products. Selling jewelry is about establishing empathy and creating desire nothing beats trying on jewelry.

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