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So you are looking for Bollywood / Hollywood movie video streaming websites ? If yes, then you are also a movie lover like me . Watching movies on free movie websites is one of the best time pass during weekends, holidays or spare time. Most of the times it is not feasible to go out for a movie as there are many other alternatives to watch movie on internet helped by raid advanced ios and android app development

Long ago Indians had a great passion for viewing movies. They were indeed passionate about viewing and they do not mind standing in serpentine queue to get tick to enter the theater and watch a full movie. Availability of CD’s largely reduced the number of theater visitors. The availability of cinemas in mobile phones had altered it further. In this blog we will try to identify the best free movie streaming sites, which makes good movies available at all time as Top 9 Best Free Movie Video Streaming Sites

We always think of sites like Netflix, where we need to pay for the movie. This article is not for people who have no problem with paid movies. The article is for those who are looking for free movie sites where they can do free movie streaming. The Internet is unlimited, and you can find pretty much everything here, and free movie streaming sites are no exception.

Streaming free movies websites, one can watch free movies online without downloading at any place. We are now connected to the internet almost every place via our smartphone or other devices. With online movie sites, you can take advantages of the web to stream or watch movies at any place from any device like your smartphone or Laptop. If one is looking for ideal alternatives for Netflix here is the following:


HOOQ is a gateway to a world of unlimited entertainment!

Discover their catalog of more than 10,000 movies and TV shows right at your fingertips! You can watch anytime, anywhere*, at home or at work! Download their app or grab your laptop and satisfy your movie munchies! From the latest Bollywood blockbuster to the best award-winning Hollywood action flicks and local TV drama series, they ’ve got it all covered! For Hooq, the South Indian languages are a particular area of focus, because Kapoor says streaming is much more common in the region. “Once you take out the top cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, these have the biggest audience of course – but if you look at the rest of the country without these cities, then the consumption of our services is highest in the four South Indian states,


Another free movie streaming sites which features thousands of latest and old movies. SnagFilms claims it hold more than 10,000 movies from all different genres, and generation. The best thing about SnagFilms is its wide collection of genres that it supports. Comedy, Drama, Family, Kids, Documentary, Horror, Action, Sci-Fi are the name of few genres among all 34 genres.
SnagFilms also holds a wide collection free TV shows which can be accessed by anyone for free. There is an app for every smartphone. SnagFilms is free but one has to sign into the site via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter social profile. There is no doubt that the SnagFilms is of the best free movie sites to watch free movies online without downloading or paying anything.


This is one of the most trusted free streaming sites because of its known quality movies and TV shows. Sony owns Crackle. All know Sony as a brand of trust.

Crackle support all devices. It doesn’t matter whether you are on your smartphone or your smart TV you can watch your movie anytime. Crackle also has app for Android and iOS devices.


It is mostly popular as video streaming sites where people watch and share videos. But if you use this platform wisely then you could also treat this as one of the best free streaming sites for free online movies. YouTube has a really huge collection of full-length movies that you can watch for free without downloading and/or login.

You tube is a user generated site and there are many channels called YouTube Movies, where in one can see new movies free.

Popcornflix  Get the app

Popcornflix is another free movie sites for online movie streaming where one can watch free movies, and TV shows online free. Its design enables to feature all movies on homepage. Its frequent update enables viewers to see almost all the most recent movies for free streaming as soon as the movie hits to your nearest theater.

PopcornFlix was started in 2011 with the motto to serve free online content like movies and Tv shows to the users from worldwide. Popcornflix is succeeded in its motto and now known as one of the best TV and movie websites.

Veoh is a video watching platforms where one can watch millions of free videos and thousands of free movies online without paying any single penny. Veoh is only the best to find old classic movies in different languages.

All genre films are available at Veoh. Movies or videos can also be sorted by recent uploads, popularity, length and title for a better search result.

Movies and videos are not the only thing that available on Veoh. I also had a good time watching full-length TV shows for free. This popular streaming network doubles as both movie streaming website and video streaming site. While Veoh has a good number of movies to watch online but the quality of the movies are average. Most of the movies are in standard quality, and if you are lucky, enough you would get HD movies to watch.

Classic Cinema is another great place to stream free movies. It provides all top rated genres. As its name suggests it is a library of old classic movies. A loveable site for old movie fans. This is the only site where one find collection of silent movies.

It also has a good number of new movies. All the movies that found on this free film website are listed and stored in different genres for easy access. Some of the popular genres at Classic Movies are Animated, Comedy, Drama, Family, and Musical. Serials are there for free.

Classic Movies is one of the best free movie portals to watch old classic movies. Online TV and Movie Guide

Here one can also see review, story, and trailer. Here one can see all the available movies with expert review, user ratings and in most cases. One can also see a streaming link for the movie.

Yidio is free, and the information it provides is awesome. Its user base is very big. It gets more than 15 million views from 180 different countries. This site provides help to select whether one should watch a movie from best free movie websites or not. Yidio also has the smartphone app for Android and iOS.

Tubi TV has tens of thousands of movies and TV shows in their database. Though majority of the movies and TV shows are free, there are some movies which are paid. The number of free films is way more than the paid movies. Tubi TV is mostly popular for its update. They update their database almost every week with new movies and TV series.

It caters all popular genres here including Action, Comedy, Adventure, Kids, horror, documentaries and lot more. Viewers can also sort movies by different other means like Featured Movies, New Arrival, Movie Night and Trending. Watching a movie is easy here. One has to pick a film and start watching.

All Movies are in high quality that will suit for watching on any device. Tubi TV is an ad-supported network. That means you have to watch ads for few minute before watching any content there.

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