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World Chess Champions app on the Clash of Titans held from 11 to 30 November, of 2016, between reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway and Sergey Karjakin of Russia. While the later if 26 years old, the former is only 25 years. This world championship chess games title was a hard fought battle for two players, who have come of age in the computer era. All chessgames Carlsen Karjakin are included in the playable chess games world championship app for Android

Chessgames in World Chess Champions app:-

There will be 12 chessgames Carlsen Karjakin fight for the world crown, with each and every move avidly followed and analyzed by a global audience of hundreds of millions of chess fans. To win, a player must reach a score of 6.5 points. After 12 rounds, if the score is even, there will be tie-breaks in this Carlsen Karjakin chessgames fight.

World Chess Champions app Carlsen and Karjakin

Resume of Titans – matches in World Chess Champions app

Sergey Karjakin is 26 years old his date of birth is 12th January 1990. He was born in Simferopol, Ukraine. Where as Magnus Carlsen is 25 years old and born on 30. November 1990 in Tonsberg, Vestfold, Norway. They were chess prodigies. Sergey Karjakin became grand master at the age of 12 years and 7 months and still holds the record for being the youngest grand master of all time.

Magnus Carlsen was a bit slower to gain the grand master title. He secured it at the age of 13 years, 4 months and 27 days, which makes him the third youngest grand master of all time – the Indian Parimarjan Negi was five days younger when he won the title.
Keen contests between the two

It was on 18th January 2005, in Group-B of the Corus Tournament in Wijk aan Zee that Carlsen and Karjakin played their first game with classical time-control. After interesting and wild play – particularly from Carlsen who had White – the game was drawn after 40 moves.

A draw was also the result of their next four games, but five years after their first encounter, Carlsen scored a win. This time they played in Group-A of the Corus Tournament in Wijk aan Zee.

But two years later, in 2012, Karjakin managed to get revenge – again in Wijk aan Zee, but this time in the Tata Steel Tournament.

Maybe it is the rough climate of Wijk aan Zee in winter that makes Carlsen and Karjakin especially belligerent when playing there – at any rate, their third decisive encounter took place in the Tata Steel Tournament 2013. Creative pawn-sacrifices in an opposite-colored bishop ending that most experts had considered to be dead drawn helped Carlsen to an amazing win that made it to the textbooks.

Check out the chessgames carlsen karjakin games with the World Chess Champions app 

chessgames carlsen karjakin

Carlsen Karjakin chessgames: Only with great difficulty was the title holder, Magnus Carlsen, able to
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