Content for doctor’s clinic’s patient appointment app

Content for a doctor’s clinic app can have in addition to the patient appointment app engine

# App will tell patients and visitors about the hospital, describe its specific departments and provide details about the physicians who work there.

Content for patient appointment app are as under:

  • Hospital’s/Clinic’s image and/or logo
  • Short paragraph of description (should fit within one smartphone screen—you can probably edit down what is on your website)
  • Tap-to-call” link
  • For Department and Physicians
  • Logo/Images of Departments (if applicable)
  • A short description about hospital and staff.
  • Contact information

Directional Content thanks to Google Maps

# App will need to guide patients around the hospital in the physical world. Wayfinders and Maps assets are critical elements—because accurate navigation is the most valuable feature for sick people in any hospital app.


# Comprehensive up-to-date maps of every floor in the facility that show accurate hallway routes and doors to the rooms.
# Descriptions of every floor (optional).
# Site map showing the whole buildings and parking.
# Accurately marked floor plans with halls and doorways.
# Detailed descriptions about key points of interest (POIs)
# Departments
# Pharmacy
# Cafeteria(s)
# Gift shop(s)
# Public restrooms
# Stairs and elevators
# All accessible features including ramps, wheelchairs etc.
# Parking lots

Generally hospitals do provide health-related information, which are relevant to the population they serve—think test for “fitness” “Pregnancy Timeline” or “Managing Diabetes” “Vaccination Table.” Likewise links that the apps provide drive users to content on your website. There are also several options for third-party content syndication.

Furthermore, app content serves a marketing role, Apple has made app content searchable in iOS 9. Properly indexed for iOS 9 and Google app indexing enabled, hospital app content can show up in search results.

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Patient-centric app for health care patient's journey  is founded on ability to provide best possible
Doctor appointment app aims to help clinics, hospital and individual doctors/physicians, who have their own
Appointment scheduling applications are useful to manage group meetings as well as client and colleague
Allow your patients to book appointment online and in your app by adding booking facility
With the advancements in tech and as apps drive patient engagement, healthcare providers, insurance payers,


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