How to Plan Mobile App Projects for your startup

Having worked in Projects and PERT charts for several years, it is pertinent to explain how to plan Mobile App Projects in the context of development choices and in the viewpoint of the customer.

How to Plan Mobile App Projects

Which is better Native App or Mobile Web?

Native apps are designed specifically for single mobile operating system, iOS or Android. They are more expensive than web sites. Still may be it is advantageous to have a Native App because of the following reasons:

# Performance and Gloss: Web sites tend to be sluggish causing disinterest to the user. Mobile Applications are fast and captivate the attention.
# Media: User need to download separately media files, but in mobile app everything is inbuilt.
# Offline Access: Mobile apps are self-contained, whereas in web sites offline access is a must.
# Integration of emerging technology: Mobile apps are built with iBeacons, environmental sensors, health monitoring devices, which is not possible in web sites.
# The Buzz: Mobile app will cause buzz among users. It is well known users are excited more about apps than website.
Focus: Apps can present an immersive, full-screen experience, without the distractions of web addresses and navigation
Multi-screen experiences: Technologies like AirPlay allow apps to present visuals on big screens – great for education and presentation contexts

Web sites are good alternative in the following context:
* When working on low budget.
* When Cross-platform is essential at a low cost.
* When one is sure that the users all have Internet connections.
* When media files are small.

Mobile App Project Definition

If the idea is good, and one does not know what is to be done clearly, then it is always preferable to hire a reputed professional Mobile Application Development Company to help. To help you to have user stories, screen mock ups, design elements etc. They will help you with their experience on how best to realize the project’s usefulness to the customer.

Be Prepared

Thereafter one would assemble everything like content, texts, images, sound, video or any other material you want for the project mobile app. The Mobile Application Development Company will also help you in this aspect. Gathering and structuring of data that may or may not require complex database development is to be clearly envisaged from the beginning.

Fine Tune Your Plan

Some projects mentioned would feature geographical data.  Add a feature to let the audience zoom in on a particular area of the city, because mapping is as important as the contents.

It is not always possible to imagine the best ways to present content until having it viewed in a mobile app. It is always advisable to have a representative draft of all your content before you start building the app.

Define Deliverable for Content and Media

Your developer will work towards project milestones, but it’s just as essential to define internal deadlines for delivering graphics, media, and text, as well as feedback on designs and test versions to your developer. Falling behind on deadlines and sign-offs can be expensive.

Ideally, do not begin the design phase of your project until you have your content ready to go, a clearly defined scope for your project, and your funding in place!

Move Quickly

Once you have your scope and content, move to the design and implementation phases quickly. If the project is not very massive it should not take more than a month to complete the development.

Building on current features will also help you future-proof your app and extend the value and impact of your investment.And Apple and Google/ Android keep revising their operating systems capabilities very very regularly.

Test, Test

I can not emphasize this enough: make sure your developers are doing real-world testing on actual devices. Your app needs to be ready for the rigors of mobile, including:
# Limited hardware
# Unreliable cell and wi-fi connections
# Battery warnings, notifications, phone calls, and other disruptions
# Screen glare or audio in noisy environments

Simulators which are fine in the development phase, may present many problems you will not identify until you try to use them in your app, as your audience will on a phone or tablet.
Also, ask your developers to share regular beta test versions with you as you get close to launch and provide regular, timely feedback.

Donations & Revenue

It is recommended that you either charge some money for your app or seek donations or get help to monetize.

On-demand service (on-the-go).

If you are planning to start new venture or have startup in mind then you often comes to hear “Uber ” something that brings a product or service quickly & in a efficient way and be great business models for Startups for making money by bridging demand & supply gap for a marginal fee generally charged from service provider or vendor. It means a two-sided marketplace ( Vendor and Customer). It’s about aggregating demand on an mobile app and Service is quickly delivered as customer gives request via mobile app.

This can create a huge sharing economy creating employment for the economy for e.g. drivers for Uber, shoppers for Instacart etc. The Angel List have around hundreds of startups marketing as startups in numerous cities. Services vary from doctors, lawyers, groceries, dating, car pooling  and many more. Some of these verticals have already shown momentum and healthy growth for service including food and dining, travel, beauty care etc. It has immense potential for startup to venture in to niche market area. Main attraction of these services is it provided instantly and solution is user-friendly and easy to use.

The app part is easiest to build and a good mobile app development partner will help you it quite easily. But along with that you need to also focus of managing logistics, suppliers ,financial transaction between vendors, customers and other stakeholders. All these will take care  on-demand business on operation side.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding Mobile apps for Uber like Startups .

Let me know any questions if you have in comment regarding it. I will reply ASAP.

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