2020 Amazing Submarines Sea Battles Game of Warships

World of Battleships Games that remind you of childhood !

Playing Amazing  Submarines sea battles and the World of Warships gives many benefits to various type of players, and overall the game provides immense satisfaction to players. One enjoys Amazing Battleship  Submarines Game because it gives a feeling that you are on a mission, and completing that will give anyone a sense fulfillment!

In this Game Battleship and enemy submarines are all over blasting their limitless torpedoes at you. You have 50 lives and just two depth charges each life. Your mission is to weave your way out of their reach. The ship moves on touch of left and right arrows. Depth charges blasted by ship on touch of the downward arrow.

Submarines move automatically, crisscross right and left…

Submarines sea battles battleship
                                              Submarines sea battles


When you see a silhouette of a enemy submarine, you have to calculate and preempt the torpedoes and fire a depth charge so that it hits the target submarine. Hit submarines, earn points and go up 10 levels from Rookie to Sheep to Captain to The Blue Whale and be the Legend.

SIMPLE GAME, light, functional and interesting.
No tilt movement, need use more than one finger to play!

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