Android application Development the best friend of startups

Android application is ruling the business world now.  Businesses, which so far had been website based is slowly now shifting to Android Application. Smart phone is dominating the mobile phone sales. Smart phones are ornamenting individuals. This makes use of applications for business easy. People love mobile phone apps because it is easy to navigate, less storage space, quicker and ability to handle web traffic. It is no wonder the sale of smart phone is growing every year approximately at 12%. Most of the smart phone manufacturers use Android platform, making Android as the most dominating platform in the smart phone segment. One estimate points out that the share of Android is 85%, making it impossible for competitors to survive. In this environment it is the only viable option for the startups to be an Android Application Development company.

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Android Application Development Company

Presently Android is the market leader in smartphones in a very big way. Hence businesses are making huge chunk of business by shifting over to Android Application from online business. The startup mobile app development companies must do android application development for faster growth and success. Following are some business advantages that startups can get through android app development:

Ample Opportunities for Android application

Millions of android apps are downloaded by smartphone users globally from google play store each and everyday. This goes to show that users are looking for more innovative apps that can fulfill their requirements in easier and faster ways. If startup companies focus on android application there are ample opportunities for them to grow.

Higher Returns on Investments on making an Android application

Android is an open source platform, the development costs incurred are very low. Developers can access to the SDK and Android Application development tools for free. Not just this, there is large pool of android developers available in the market with updated skills.

Higher Productivity achievement with an Android Application

Developers can save their efforts by using Android platform, as there is a large number of Android Application code libraries that are available for use. Such readily available scripts only required to be run. This saves huge amount of time in developing a particular feature from scratch.

Open App Distribution Globally through Google Play

Android apps are sold and distributed over the world biggest open market that is Google Play.

Feature Rich Android Applications

Android application development platform offers easy in-house customization to make app more dynamic to fulfill the business requirements. With the available of set of development tools and open source code libraries, the Android application can be made interactive and feature rich.

Inter-operability of Android Applications & deep linking also

Android platform has successfully proven to be the platform to develop enterprise mobile app that can inter-operate with apps on cross platforms.

Easily Available Resources

Human resource skills requirements can be fulfilled easily with android app development platform. Getting experienced android app developers is easy nowadays. Which helps startup companies to recruit the required skill set in a less time and start working

Publicity and Customer Reach

The most prominent business benefit of an android application is that one can get open publicity on Google Play. Millions of people are visiting Google Play every day. One can also opt for marketing plans on play store to promote the app and get higher downloads.

Mobile app startups are having limited budget and resources, which is required to be used strategically to gain optimum output. Android application platform suits the best platform to develop and maintain the mobile apps. Moreover, the android app market is booming at rapid speed, which makes android even more preferred platform to launch your app in the market. Having app made on android platform also gives you wider reach to customers around the world.

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