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So you want to develop a mobile app like of Paris Hilton? or Emoji apps

Have app ideas for a music and celebrity app development ? Want an app for that? iOS, Cross Platform or Phonegap or Android developer services!

You want to have a centralized location where your listeners have access to updates, shows, media, and your merchandise, right? Of course. Well, this is why your band needs a mobile app rather than just a website.With quality content, a variety of interactive tools that your mobile users can enjoy, your band can have a stellar online presence to satisfy old fans and attract new ones. Furthermore, your own mobile app gives you the opportunity to incorporate tools from third party sources such as YouTube, BandCamp, and SoundCloud for added interactive functionality for your mobile users.

  • Heard last in March 2015 with a old photograph of her in Mumbai, India that a Paris Hilton app is getting developed following the footsteps of Kim Kardashian. Smart move, as just a website developed is nowadays not enough. In that article the to be app producer stated "that the company would pursue a so-called freemium strategy, whereby games are free to download, but then make money by charging for in-app purchases and showing ads to other users."
  • As our iOS and Android developers focus heavily on celebrity, fashion and style, tell us if you need an Android music app or a iphone app for your band or star? Get your fans raving using your music app with these features:
  • Stream your videos, songs, podcasts through your app.Adding music and videos is very simple to do using widgets from YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud or Spotify
  • Shows/tour dates calendar with update sync
  • Make it easy for your fans to buy your songs as they can do so through your the app via itunes
  • Send your fans push messages and connect with them directly
  • Display concerts and event schedules.Offer some information about your band's releases including a tracklisting, release date, label, and where to purchase
  • Not all of your fans and friends use social media, so keep them up to date with a News page,RSS feeds after integrating Facebook and Twitter
  • Now that ( Paris Hilton also has her own app after Kim Kardashian(through Nasdaq listed Glu Mobile's ( ) Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game ) it is time others follow.
  • How about a Bollywood star game? Any takers from Bollywood stars? Thanks to the Paris Hilton app for spreading the app idea! Download the emoji superstar app now
Emoji Justin Bieber Rajnikant

Why for Mobile App Development? Pumbaa says in the Lion King (© Music by Elton John, lyrics by Tim Rice), Hakuna Matata! Hakuna Matata! It means no worries for the rest of your days. Get the best Mobile App Development Services now. Call phone 703 495 5206 .It's our problem-free philosophy.Send us your specifications today for your mobile app! Releasing soon the Run Lion Run app for Android.