Mobile App Upgrades


Operating systems from Google and apple keep changing every few months Android from JellyBeans to Kitkat to Lollipop to Android Pie,like iOS from iOS7 to 8 to 11 etc. and mobile app ppgrade and migration services help prompt updating to the app stores.

Reasons to Upgrade your Mobile App

  • Support for new version of OS i.e. iOS 8 or Android KitKat 4.4 or Android M
  • Phone incompatibility leading to app hanging
  • Bugs prevailing within the app
  • Increased utility in the market demanding newer versions
  • Target audience increment by the app makers
  • Security reasons regarding performance issues with the app

With over 100+ apps developed and as an established app company in the market since last many years, we have premium packages for mobile applications migration and upgrades. To maintain customer engagement and create enhanced prospects for your app in the market, it is necessary to upgrade mobile apps.

Mobile apps upgrading and migration is done by us of all platforms like

  • Android 4.4.1 (until KitKat)
  • iPhone apps for 6S

In addition to this, if you come up with requirements and new ideas, we can modify/build mobile apps for all domains and platforms.