Top 7 Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai

There are plenty of ‘Low Quality No code’ Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai for app development. Generally there are different criteria for developing a mobile apps, the mobile operating systems mainly are now Android and Apple iOS

Nearly around 3.5 million smartphone users across the Chennai are engaged with mobile apps daily and hence it should be built with high performance reactive UX. Essentially the App development company needs to deliver on time the most disruptive mobile app technology to reach the most probable customers and to monetize the app. I

Why Chennai is preferable for Mobile App Development?
Many companies prefer Chennai for their mobile app needs since it has the good number of Mobile App Development Companies that adopts the latest mobile app development practices.

Using React / Vue / Flutter is the norm now. Get the expected reactive product UX that is customer friendly.

Traditionally, Chennai has a lot of educated engineers and a versatile list of mobile app companies that can rank your businesses to a top position by retaining all your customers and satisfying their demands. .

Some of the key benefits you get from Mobile App Development Company present in Chennai are:

  • Get the reasonable price quotes for mobile app development process
  • Use agile development, expend a short development time scrums, and get real-time updates sticking to definite deadlines
  • Get improved user experience UX that guarantees success
  • Test driven development for optimal agile results

Some of the SEO practices in mobile app development to get high ratings in App Stores:

  • Idea to create engagement driven immersible content
  • Provide latest functionalities and prototype them in Mobile Apps for an engaging experience
  • Social Media Marketing for mobile apps

Major capability that is found wanting in some Mobile App Development Companies are the resources to build good RESTful APIs which are nowadays needed for every mobile app. Much needed rare skills are in Node.js and PHP API development and Cloud.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai

  1. Cognizant: International Specialists in mobile design and development using various user stories and persona
  2. Macappstudio : Macappstudio develop mobile apps in shortest span of time at minimum cost. Founded: 2012. Employees: 51-200
  3. Founded 2014 develops latest mobile apps using Artificial Intelligence with latest technologies like React/ Vue/ Flutter etc in Android and iOS. Specialists in REST APIs. Employees: 10-50
  4. Contus: Has served an array of industries like manufacturing, automobile, advertising, food, and retail space. Contus has been a major player in custom app development . Employees: 201-500
  5. Colan Infotech: Colan Infotech has some of the creative minds and acumen for technical proficiency to clearly map out every requirements of the clients and businesses. Founded: 2009 . Employees: 201-500
  6. Pyramidion: Pyramidion have some expertise and laurels in developing Mobile and Web Applications that is deliverable for enterprise IT firms. Founded: 2013 Employees: 51-200
  7. Ideas2IT: Idea2IT Technology is a Mobile App Development Company that have a number of craftsmen and engineers developing products for start-ups and SMEs. Founded: 2008 Employees: 201-500
Mobile app development company - Chess game against AI engines
Using Artificial intelligence in apps


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