PlayChess Games of European tournaments and learn chess openings

   Play Chess Games of European tournaments 2014, also 2016 app

This app for Android PlayChess Games of European tournaments is aimed at making the viewers to appreciate, play and learn the nuances of the great game of chess.If you want to become a good chess player, then downloading this app will help you to realize that dream. This app is useful for beginners PlayChess Games of European tournaments and learn chess openings as they improve very fast playing all the excellent chess games of grand masters, to learn nuances and  how great players come out of  difficult positions.



Chessraja europe

Mobile app for Android with all grand master chess games of  European tournaments  Wijk aan Zee etc. Download now

The app helps you play all games played in European International Chess Tournaments, till May of 2014 and become well versed with all chess openings these current grand masters play. Aim of the App is to give on mobile action of many great players of chess who participated in the #European International Chess Tournament. This app will give anyone the experience of playing against the best in the business.

This digital Chess App is a significant tool for you to become a good player.

This app for Android contains:
# All matches played in #Wijk aan Zee 2014.
# All matches played #Zurich tournament.
# Matches played #Khanty-Mansiysk tournament.
# Every single match played between January 2014 to May 2014 at European International Chess Tournament.
# You can analyze -copy to clipboard and tap/paste on to anywhere-externally with your favorite engines.

# We have also provided a list of all matches played in the tournament.
# You can select any particular game and tap to view it.
# Automatic moves at normal speed.
#You can slow down to suit your need.

This app will help you to play repeatedly and if required PGN’s can be pasted and sent as email.
Experience watching a great sporting event on your mobile.
Share on social sites with others.
Some Speech synthesis assist help.
Download and tap to become a good chess player.

Updates: All matches played in the future European International Chess Tournament will be updated on completion of matches.

chess tournaments app 2016

Download Chess tournaments app 2016 from Google play store now

For chess Magnus and Viswanathan Anand games check out this app

We will be releasing shortly the App Chessraja Europe for the Amazon and Apple app stores.

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Support: Get in touch with us via the following methods if you have any issues with our app.

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