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Customers Spent Nearly $500 Million in the App Store During the First Week of January Last Year

Millions of people ( What a humongous size of the app market!)receive a new smartphone or tablet the holiday season, and alongside this flood of new device activations usually comes a surge in app downloads and in-app purchases in the mobile app market.Are you ready for that?

With new apps launching daily in the mobile app market and competing for the real estate on your customer's phone, it is imperative to think of how to retain your existing user base, especially acquired during the peak holiday season and to expand exponentially.

Started e marketing operations for digital products and now also mobile apps to drive engagement and monetization. Mobile marketing automation is how Subway surfers improves monetization.It is how Plants vs Zombies gets you back to play.

Mobile Marketing Automation providers

Top Mobile Marketing Automation providers include

Adobe customers frequently used features:'Experience Manager helps you build apps and create experiences, Adobe Analytics helps marketers measure app usage, and Adobe Target and Campaign help with push messaging and optimizing messaging,' Suresh Vittal, VP Adobe Marketing Cloud Strategy.'

And..What Adobe has done is 'tightly couple' its mobile SDKs with PhoneGap , meaning that it is easy to integrate its cohort, campaign, targeting, and messaging components into your app. The result, Adobe said, is that you give developers and marketers 'equal access' to apps. That means that without redoing the app or updating via Apple's processes, marketers can update and modify their mobile customer experience. It also means that app publishers can set up diverging experiences for different users, needs, and times." Venturebeat


Features mainly used

  • Push notifications - quite common although sometimes enervating
  • Segment targeting
  • Personalizing app content
  • Cohort analysis/user profiles
  • Promotions and/or sales
  • personalizing app functionality and/or gameplay
  • A/B and/or multivariate testing
  • Surveys, ratings, feedback
  • Real time analysis
  • Email campaigns
  • In app messaging
  • Retargeting app users outside of your app
  • Targeted in app rewards and incentives
  • LTV tracking
  • SMS campaigns
  • Optimal time, delayed or flexible messaging
  • Location specific behavior/messaging

We are not glued to a few mobile apps, but we certainly have a wide range of applications like mobile games, education apps, sports app, navigation apps, mobile shopping apps, product catalog app, wallpaper apps, travel apps, business apps and much more. We concentrate on placing the brand into the hands of customers ie on the mobile handsets of your target audience, to make sure that your services and application engage with the market easily. Our mobile app development procedures involves not merely the layout and development of apps, but in addition a user friendly UX front-end, along with a REST back-end for maintenance and support.

We understand the challenges of our potential customers and propose solutions that could make them succeed. We certainly have customized our services consistent with our client's organization size and challenges .With a great team we are successful in providing our customers ample mobile application and services which are listed as under

Mobile Sales Tools that you need

  • Mobile apps help you pull up sales presentations on your iPhone,or iPad or share them instantly with a QR code or uploading price lists and product catalogs as well as maintaining and updating them is easier for sales team members and their clients
  • Contact management apps while visiting conferences or having face-to-face meetings, a app tool to enter contact details on the go.
  • Coupon promo mobile apps to distribute coupons

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