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Advertising Terms for Mobile App Monetization

Ad Terms helpful to know

  • Above the Fold
    The section of a website that is immediately viewable upon a page load, with no scrolling required.
  • Ad Network
    A company that matches up Web publishers with advertisers, merchants, and other entities that may be able to help monetize Web traffic.
  • ARPU
    The Average Revenue Per Unique visitor, a metric that reflects the revenue earned by a website for each visit.
  • Banner Blindness
    The tendency of Web visitors to ignore display ads when consuming content online, leading to lower click rates, visibility for advertisers, and revenue for publishers.
  • Bonus Media
    Digital ad impressions included on a proposal at zero cost to the advertiser.
  • Branding
    A type of display ad campaign that has the primary goal of spreading awareness of a company's products or services.
  • Campaign
    A specific marketing initiative run by an advertiser, identified by a time period and a specific objective or message.
    A piece of U.S. legislation passed in 2003 that governs the sending of marketing emails.
  • Co-registration
    A revenue-sharing process that involves offering new members or subscribers options to opt in to similar products or services from third parties. Often abbreviated "co-reg," this generally occurs after a visitor signs up for an email list or membership on a website.
  • Cost Per Action (CPA)
    A pricing model under which publishers or affiliates are paid when a visitor referred by their site completes a specified action on a third-party site.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)
    A pricing model in which publishers are compensated for each qualified lead generated on their site.
  • Creative
    An image file or snippet of code that can be rendered as a display advertisement when entered into an ad serving platform (such as DFP).
  • CTR (Click-Thru Rate)
    The percentage of ad impressions displayed that are clicked by visitors on a website.
  • Dedicated Email
    An email sent to a distribution list developed and maintained by a publisher with content created by an advertiser that generally promotes a product or service sold by that advertiser.
  • Demographics
    Statistics about the composition of a site's audience, often relevant for purposes of selling ads or assembling a media kit.
  • Direct Response
    A type of display ad campaign with very specific advertiser goals, such as the creation of a new account.
  • Display AdvertisingThe process of showing digital advertisements to visitors of a website.
  • Earnings Per Click (EPC)
    A metric used to indicate the average earnings generated as a result of 100 clicks on an affiliate marketing link or ad.
  • Email Monetization
    The process of generating revenue from email addresses that have been collected by a publisher.
  • End Date
    The day on which a display ad campaign is scheduled to end.
  • Expandable Ad
    A display ad shown on a website that increases in size after the initial page load.
  • Fill Rate
    The percentage of ad pageloads that are filled by display ads.
  • Freemium
    A site or product with both free and paid content or functionality.
  • Frequency Capping
    The practice of limiting the number of ad impressions shown to an individual visitor over a specific period of time.
  • Geo-Targeting
    The process of serving ads only to visitors from specified geographic locations.
  • Heat Map
    A visual representation of user activity such as clicks and eye focus on a website.
  • Homepage Takeover
    A display ad implementation that involves creative from a single advertiser appearing in all available units on a site's homepage.
  • House Ad
    Display ads promoting a product or service sold or provided by the publisher of the website on which it appears.
  • IAB Standard
    Ad units that are part of the "Universal Ad Package" according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).
  • Impression
    A single view of a display ad unit on a website.
  • Insertion Order (IO)
    A document that serves as an instruction for a publisher to run an ad campaign.
  • Interstitial
    A display ad that typically appears overlaid on grayed out site content.
  • Lead Aggregator
    A company that purchases leads from publishers monetizing through lead generation strategies and sells them to the ultimate users of the leads.
  • Lead Generation
    A Web monetization strategy that involves collecting contact and demographic information about a site's visitors and selling to lead aggregators or other companies.
  • Lead Scrubbing
    The process of removing non-legitimate leads captured by a web site, with the result of lowering expected revenue from this monetization technique.
  • Leaderboard
    One of the most common display ad units, usually seen in dimensions of 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high.
  • Link Unit
    An ad unit that contains plain text that generally links to a custom ad-filled page.
  • Macro
    A snippet of code inserted into third-party ad tags in order to ensure proper functionality of online display ads.
  • Media Kit
    A document used primarily by ad sales professionals to concisely summarize the audience and advertising options for a website.
  • Medium Rectangle
    A standard display ad that is 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high.
  • Monetization
    The process of generating revenue from customers, users, or visitors.
  • Link Unit
    An ad unit that contains plain text that generally links to a custom ad-filled page.
  • Net 30
    Payment terms that specify balances are due 30 days after receipt of invoice.
  • Out Clause
    A component of a contract that allows the advertiser or merchant to cancel their purchases with a specified notice period.
  • Pay Wall
    A digital barrier that prevents non-members from accessing certain content on a web site.
  • Pop-up Ad
    A display ad that opens in a new window or tab without a user prompt or initiation.
  • Portrait
    A display ad unit that is 300 pixels wide by 1,050 pixels tall.
  • Rate Card
    A document that contains the prices for various display ad items and packages for a web site.
  • Remnant
    Ad impressions that have not been sold directly to an advertiser that must be monetized in other ways.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)
    A document sent by an advertiser or agency inviting a publisher to submit a proposal for an upcoming advertising campaign.
  • Rich Media
    A display ad that allows for some sort of user interaction, including expansion or video.
  • RPM
    A common metric for measuring earnings of online companies, calculated as revenue generated for every 1,000 pageviews of a site.
  • Scalable
    A proposed ad spend for which a constant pricing metric can be expected at a lower total budget.
  • Screenshots
    Images of an ad appearing on a publisher's site, often sent to the advertiser or agency shortly after a campaign begins.
  • Share of Voice (SOV)
    The percentage of total available ads that are included in a specific line item on a display ad proposal.
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
    The occurrence of a visitor to an e-commerce or paid membership site abandoning the checkout process after indicating an intention to purchase one or more items by selecting it and adding to their digital shopping cart.
  • Skin (or Skinned Homepage)
    A custom ad implementation that involves hosting creative on the typically blank background of a web page.
  • Split Testing
    The process of testing different variations of the same web page in order to identify a layout or strategy that results in superior performance.
  • Sponsored Tweets
    A Twitter post for which the account owner is compensated in exchange for promoting a product or service of a third party.
  • Super Leaderboard
    A display ad unit that is typically 970 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall.
  • Test Campaign
    A display ad campaign with a limited budget and run time that allows advertisers to evaluate the performance of a publisher.
  • Tracking Pixel
    A line of code or image file that is used to record each instance of an ad impression being served.
  • Trafficking
    The process of uploading all details of a display ad campaign to an ad serving platform.
  • Universal Ad Package
    A package of display ads determined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to be the most commonly used and created.
  • Viewable Impression
    An event that occurs when a display ad both loads on a web page and is visible to a visitor for a minimum amount of time.
  • Welcome Ad
    A Web page containing a display ad that appears before a visitor is directed to the desired page on a site.