Firebase Applications | MbaaS Mobile Backend as a Service

MBaas enables rapid delivery of applications for all devices and empowers IT to get ahead of changing business requirements. Mobile Software Development for iOS and Android apps for the enterprise include a database backend and a MbaaS that is a mobile backend service provider in the cloud, that makes things scalable and easier.

The client side is the front end UX or interface screen(s) that the end user or client will see and interact with, whereas the server side is broadly a combination of application business logic, data management and web programming. With the large scale availability of cloud computing, many of the server side complexities are handled by cloud service providers.

This is a unique model, which enables mobile and web developers to use cloud infrastructure as the back-end, hence freeing them from the headache of backend designing,server side web programming and integration. It is like infrastructure than can be turned on just for the mobile app user which is scalable.

Mobile first applications embrace mobility as the primary IT platform for enterprises, and therefore are designed with the mobile device as top of mind. As a result, the number of applications that must be developed is multiplied by 2-5x, in order to account for the variety of platforms, devices and related requirements. The creation, deployment and management of these applications calls for a different approach to the entire application lifecycle, to allow IT to keep up with business and user demands. 80 per cent of the implementation effort is dedicated to the backend development, effectively MbaaS eliminates this programming?

For example a Order Mangement sales app can leverage geolocation, barcode scanning, SAP and Sales Force integration for use cases like salesman looks for opportunities within a mile radius, can go through latest product catalog with customers, and touch to place an order using a scalable MBaas system helping the app!. Newer MBASS include Back4App, Kumulos, Kizzle, Kii etc

Pricing: The major factors of MbaaS pricing are:

  • The number of API calls.
  • The type and size of storage.
  • Active user pricing.
  • The number of mobile application builds.
  • Premium fees for data analytics.
  • Feature based pricing – for push notifications, chat, sync, email, etc.
  • Support and maintenance costs.

MBaas provides enterprise IT the ability to manage and let end users access their complete web and mobile applications portfolio (such as a customer portal, employee directory, expense reporting app, etc) from one location or multiple devices. - One Login – single-sign on and ability to make immediate changes on the go. Database service provider examples include Parse, a start-up company that was acquired by Facebook and provides MbaaS as well as many free cloud offerings from the likes of OutSystems and Amazon with Google also in the picture along with many other smaller firms.

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