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This Sales Rep mobile platform will essentially serve any goods and services provider’s marketing plan, who are market driven and focused on becoming the leader in their industry. Sale rep mobile apps are a boon to any organization with a marketing digital campaign and social media strategy, with a large sales representative team in its pay roll.

The Mobile Sales Rep App is useful in strategic planning for omni channel strategies for:

  • Manufacturers of medical equipment, instrument and surgical instrument and their supply chain like dealers, stockists, and service providers.
  • Automobile companies like bus, truck, car and two wheeler manufactures, auto-accessory manufacturers and their dealers, stockists and service dealers.
  • All hospitals, labs and radiology service providers.
  • Consumable item manufacturers.
  • Hardware manufacturers, dealers, and merchants.
  • Any industry that has a sales force to promote their products in the present competitive market environment

Usefulness of Mobile Sales Rep App in Business Analytics

  • The app will provide a measure of your sales rep behaviour and even tip you about new potential users/customers.
  • The app will provide sales report and other related graphical analysis.
  • Users can easily identify the demographics of the sale rep.
  • The app will provide data based information and even help decision making about retaining the client and to engage with the client intensively.

Content Management System and Administration of Sales Rep App

  • It will send push notifications to reps.
  • App contents maintenance will be easy.
  • Regularly updates Mobile App analytics.

Website design and benefits of CMS incorporated in Sales Rep Mobile App Development are:

  • Fill the mobile app with information simultaneously.
  • Content and real time updates with integrated push notifications.
  • Email of documents
  • Market feed from relevant area of operation is gathered, analysed and documented.
  • Integrated Video
  • Integrated Images.
  • Centralised forms and documents
  • Information based data science and analysis.
  • Simple to use, no deep technical knowledge required.

Benefits to Sales Reps and Sales Strategy are:

Efficiency: Every detail is well documented and stored out so that sales rep will have every information on his finger tips that may be sought by the potential clients. It saves time and money to organise sales meets by the manufacturers or dealers.

Easy Accessibility: Sales rep will have on his finger tips all the current information about the product or service. Everything is at the finger tips just open mobile app to inform the client. Even video or image of interested product or the service can be shown to the client.

Easy to email: Sales rep can send images, videos or documents of goods and services to the client, immediately after the presentation. On presentation if a client wants to see the product, you can email at once the video of the product. This enables to clinch the sale at once. A link is also generated along with email, so you can deliver a “one-two” punch to the client by giving them the information with an unique link at once.

Centralised Location: Being everything centralised the sales rep will have at his disposal the stock position of the product, which will help him whether or not to present a particular product. It is very useful for those manufacturers and traders, who distribute multiple products or same product with multiple variations. This will help textile industry salesmen a lot.

Business Data Analytics: This mobile app lets marketing people know the demand and supply of goods and service, so that they can only have videos of such demand items and present those to enable them to clinch sales. is a versatile mobile app development company with experienced software engineers is more than ready to partner you in your marketing endeavors at affordable price and in double quick time.

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