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HR apps | Employee Performance Management apps

  • Employees are easily the best asset for any organization. Cross Platform HR apps for iOS and Android help a great deal as for HR, managing the employee details and performance are cumbersome in general. Evaluating the performance of the employee is essential
  • Performance of the employee is evaluated using a HR app.
  • The HR app can specify job defining, goal setting for each employee, responsibilities, work delegation etc.
  • The performance of an employee is naturally based on the objective set as well as the goals achieved.
  • The feedback both from peers, superiors and those under you help to evaluate the performance of employee.

Features of the HR app

  • Easy customization
  • User friendly control panels
  • Cost effective
  • Applicable for small, medium, to large firms
  • The HR app is an user-friendly easy to use the HR app that can be handled by all employees

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