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How To Launch An App Startup?

Rule #1: Outsource your product development

Entrepreneurs are now starting to build mobile-first companies as opposed to a web-first approach. Your startup, small business or idea could be the next big thing. You've pitched, raised money and developed, and now you're ready for prime time. Outsource your product development,that is the FIRST RULE.We can help you get there.

Some of the most famous tech products or apps were outsourced initially eg: Slack, Skype etc. The main reason: You do not want to end up with a team of your own developers and designers only to realize that the version one of your mobile app is not as exciting to your customers as it is to you.Talk to us to find out how Webprogr can help you.

Rule #2: Decrease time to market.

With limited development time and dollars, you want to focus on what matters most to your users. We can help you make intelligent decisions about where to focus your energy, ultimately making it easier for you to bring your product to the market.

We have deployed and supported web and mobile solutions for several startups, from DC to LA and Boston to Bangalore. We know how it feels when you have a vision and want to see it shaping up in reality. We can wireframe layout the full process to you from start to finish to get your idea turned to reality.Our approach may involve the development of a responsive website and integrated mobile or gaming app as well as helping you market that app to the masses.


We can provide you following services

  • Create wireframes to show the flow and user experience of the app.
  • Create full graphical design UX of the product.
  • Develop native applications for iPhone, Android Phonegap and iPads.
  • Develop the responsive website for your project.
  • Develop a cloud based backend server for you on Parse, Amazon AWS or PHP/LAMP.
  • Deploy your app on iTunes or Google Playstore or ( Opera app store.

We will help you shape up your idea and help you keep your product in line with your goal. Call us now to analyze your idea, develop a production and launch plan, schedule Agile QA and testing, and discuss marketing opportunities!


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* 'If you are not reaching, engaging, and monetizing customers on mobile, you are likely losing them to someone else.Increasingly, for businesses of all kinds of startup, tech, edtech, fintech, medtech and winning in business means winning in mobile, period.' ( BEAT - In 2018, to win in mobile is to win, period

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