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Increase mobile influenced in-store sales and personalization for shoppers


  • Let your customers use their mobiles to purchase your products & services upload your products, pricing and terms.With mobile being the prime device used by customers, it is more important than ever for brands, retailers and agencies to create relationships with customers via mobile to drive foot traffic, sales and loyalty.
  • Users can browse your entire catalogue and product range.
  • Get closest store locations to drive in store traffic display Images & Videos for each product, create a special offer and have it available in real time through your app.
  • Mobile application users can also get push notifications of new offers.
  • Offers triggered on the bases of location to drive foot traffic.
  • Get your message onto your users mobiles via custom push notifications.
  • Integrate promotions across mobile and social media facility to upload thousands of locations in seconds also tracking of redemptions.

Like in ( many supermarkets

  • Get a bricks-and-mobile experience: a convenient marriage of mobile and in-store offerings to drive sales, ramp up awareness of special items and help time-strapped consumers with features such as in-app shopping lists.
  • An app can show shoppers where specific products are located in-store
  • Provide shoppers store layout, available services, product locations and navigation
  • From shopping lists data get valuable insight!
  • Deliver store specific offers, product suggestions, coupons and other content in real-time based on sophisticated data science
  • Get an app like this for your super store now

Retail App Ideas

Retail App Ideas using the Salesforce platform.

Building a mobile app to engage customers is critical to business success.

Want to connect store employees to customers? Looking for an easier way to stay up on inventory?
Here are just a few things the Salesforce Platform, can help you create.

  • STORE MANAGER APP:Help managers track associates, events, and activities, and stay connected to HQ and to other store managers.
  • MARKETING COLLATERAL APP:Access, share, and collaborate around all of your marketing content in one place; bring third parties and agencies into the conversation in secure private groups.
  • CATALOG INVENTORY APP:Give associates and managers a complete catalog of product information, with inventory location and availability.
  • RETAIL EXECUTION APP:Help reps manage wholesale-retail relationships — everything from sales performance to in-store display.
  • SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP APP:Streamline supplier relationships, everything from recruiting and onboarding new vendors to getting more out of existing ones.
  • CUSTOMER COMMUNITIES APP:Create a community for your most loyal consumers to stay connected to new styles, sales, and promotions outside the store.