360 DEGREE Real estate app

Development of real estate apps for RETS, the Real Estate Transaction Standard.

  • The Real Estate Transaction Standard is a common language spoken by systems that handle real estate information, such as multiple listing services. RETS feeds are complex. They also tend to have a lot of variance based on the MLS system, the RETS version used, etc. If you are creating an application that relies on a RETS feed, you will need an experienced RETS developer.Contact us.
  • We have made a customizable 'myGodrej' (RETS feed to be customized and not included in this) for the ( IBM Hackathon ( Real Estate App Challenge. This is available on Google Playstore.Free Download In addition, REALTORS can use applications on Android, iPAD or iphone to manage an apartment complex or a open house. Agents can enter the details of the properties they are conducting open house for and they can use this application to collect the name, contact, dreamhouse details and comments of the visitors who are visiting the open house like a VISITOR LOGBOOK.

RETS Services include

  • Feed Connection
  • RETS Structure Analysis
  • MySQL Database Development and Field Mapping
  • Automated Listing/Image Updating
  • Image Management and Storage
  • Custom Property Search
  • Feed Data Enhancement


  1. Enter the details of all the properties you are conducting open house like address, property value and details.
  2. Have visitors log in to the app and enter their name and contact details.
  3. Have visitors enter the details of their dream house.
  4. Have visitors enter the comments for you.
  5. View the list of all the visitors and show it to the seller.
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