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Custom Mobile Development Quality Assurance

Custom Mobile Development Quality Assurance is of paramount importance.The process of designing, coding and feedback cycle using Agile Methodology is a cumbersome task as bugs in the code can defy the purpose of the project to a certain extent. We at take utmost care in handling errors and bugs through our quality check policies applicable at regular intervals to custom mobile app development.
  • Expert quality analysis team to frame unit testing requirements at project initiation.
  • Hosting and network check to ensure online REST API assistance for the application.
  • Rectification of client’s doubts (and scope creep!) through changes in the quality check process.

We quality check for the Minimum Viable Product for smooth running of the product on any specified platform. Quality Assurance cycles using unit tests is an integral part of our development and deployment

Why prefer our testing team to ensure best quality MVP?

  • Expert QA testing team familiar with latest techniques on software development and testing.
  • Experienced testing unit since last 1+ year.
  • Ensuring successful user interface testing so that the mobile app run according to client requirements.
  • Execution of testing components to analyze structural errors and debug them.
  • Re-testing of bugs that have been given to the technical team for obscure errors.

The methodologies with custom mobile app development keep changing to get optimized results as operating systems from Apple and Google change frequently