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Travel apps | Mobile apps developed for tourism

mobile apps for tourism

An travel app developed for tourism in your city.

  • Travel app allows you to create tourist routes, set sights, monuments, restaurants, clubs, hotels, shops.

Features of mobile apps for tourism

  • Video content, photos, audios.
  • Geo location.
  • Routes customizable.
  • QR Code Reader

City guides for travelers not tourists

  • Places of interest (monuments, museums and gardens).
  • Guided tours.
  • Calendar of Events
  • Guide categories (the best hotels, restaurants, shops, pubs, nightclubs).
  • Full offline map to explore the city.
  • Fully interactive, with an intuitive interface and easy to use.
  • Mobile apps for tourism are perfect applications for tourist organizations, entertainment guides, brands that sponsor events.

Tourism organizations:

  • An travel app designed for municipalities and organizations who want to offer a free product for tourists where they gather information about the city, tourist routes, places of interest, monuments, where to eat, where to sleep, leisure, nightlife, shopping.

Entertainment guides:-

  • An travel app designed for entertainment companies who want to offer an urban agenda, a product for their customers where information on local leisure, restaurants, events, where to buy, etc. is collected.

Event sponsoring brands:-

  • Mobile apps for tourism are applications designed for event sponsoring brands who want to provide information about the event and about their brand.
  • A mobile travel app is not just a convenient tool for tourists. It is also a great way for us to keep them engaged and even influence them to spend more money on your products!
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