Plastic surgery apps

Custom made app for your Plastic Surgery business

  • Plastic surgery app for plastic surgeons - Android and iphone - is an great way to attract the higher end sophisticated clientele that is the target market of cosmetic surgeons around the world.
  • Plastic surgery is a service that is used by the rich(!) who are already utilizing mobiles when making decisions.
  • It is imperative that plastics surgeons do not neglect to handle their mobile marketing for their practice so they can generate more business and retain current clientele.
  • Promote your practice in Apple and Google App stores

    • Easily allow your clients to find and contact your office; location with GPS
    • Fill out applications before visiting office and reduce paper work
    • List special events
    • Include information about the practice with history and surgeons' profiles
    • Publish photos of previous work and clients
    • Sell additional services
    • Create external links to Facebook, Twitter and other sites,offer discounts and specials to entice new client consultations, embed YouTube video directly into mobile app.