Restaurant App Builder

App Maker for Restaurants

As App Maker for Restaurants, the applications are customizable

This mobile app has been developed for restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and diners taking into account all the features that restaurant owners want most in an restaurant app. Created a fully-branded, custom made, easy-to-use app for far less money than what a custom mobile restaurant application would cost. Whether you are at a classy Michelin 7 star fine dining establishment or the best pizza place in town, we will help you get an effective mobile app strategy to engage with your customers. Whether it is to take orders and reservations (needs integration with website) the restaurant app helps you reach your objectives.

Features of the restaurant applications
  • * Displays menu items which includes name, image, description and price
  • * Restaurant apps can have multiple location information includes hours, GPS, address, one-touch call, add to contacts
  • * Capability to place an order and an order call
  • * Standard Twitter and Facebook integration unleash your brand
  • * Standard graphics
  • * Push Notifications from Pushwoosh
  • * Support for updates for a year

Frequently asked questions on restaurant apps
  • * How much an restaurant app costs?
    Our prices vary depending on features, please contact us to get a quote.
  • * How useful is a mobile app for reataurants for customers?
    The app makes it easy for customers to spread your brands, which is the best way to generate a viral buzz about your brand and establishment.
  • *The restaurant app drives customers to your location by keeping them up to date with deals and promotions instantly using push notification

Mobile app for a restaurant different from website?
  • * Yes, totally!
  • * Send instant push notifications of deals and promotions to your customers anytime from a Pushwoosh dashboard
  • * Twitter and Facebook integration make it easier than ever to communicate with your customers
  • * See what your customers are interested in using analytics.(That may require Big data analytics!)
  • * Phones have inbuilt in GPS for location and geofencing
  • * Also get insights to replace low performing menu items with new ones!