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Doctor Appointment App | Ease Patient Appointment Scheduling for Clinics

Patient Appointment apps

Doctor's appointments app for clinics and hospitals.

  • Serving as medical scribes for clinics, hospitals and doctors for years has indeed helped us. This Patient Appointments app is for the two types of patients-
    • 1. Booking appointment for new patient
    • 2. Booking appointment for repeat patients
  • For new patients:
    • 1. You fill a mobile registration form, submit and get a confirmation number.
    • 2. With the confirmation number make a payment to fix appointment.
    • 3. Only after payment the appointments will be confirmed.
  • For repeat patients it is as follows:
    • 1. Tap doctor's appointments button and select mode of transaction.
    • 2. Enter your Hospital number
    • 3. Choose your doctor and unit you have already visited.
    • 4. Select month and date of appointment.
    • 5. Provision for preview - Make Changes
    • 6. Submit and receive feedback, confirmation
  • The Patient Appointment app is a robust healthcare solution being developed for the Android and iPhone.
  • The application check the availability of the resource(doctor/clinic) at website's appointment database service and fixes the appointment.
  • The patients can always check their status and be in contact with the hospital with one-button touch call or email.
  • The application also using push notifications notify the patient about health tips and reminders and promotions(!).
  • Patients can post their problems and get advised later.
  • Patients can view health tips for a healthy lifestyle.
  • View facilities available for surgeries.
  • Pill Reminder to take tablets on correct time/period.
  • Publish hospital news about doctors, arrival of the specialist doctors etc.
  • Patient can view the video of doing pertinent operations etc.
  • HIPAA compliant with encryption.

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