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We are looking forward to hire individuals with right attitude as iOS developers.

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Description of iOS developers position

We are looking for talented iOS developers, who can help us reach the next level.

It is the opportunity to work on many of our projects. We place a high emphasis both on pixel perfect designs and clean, high performance logical implementations.

In this position, you will be working closely with world-class designers and back-end iphone app developers to create beautiful iOS apps that are polished, fast, well-tested, and a joy to use.

Responsibilities of iOS developers:

Translating designs into code.
Build, design, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code.
Identify UI problems and bugs and devise elegant solutions.
Make strategic technical decisions related to new products and functionalities.
Help maintain code quality.

Requirements for iOS developers:

3 years of professional iOS development experience.
Up to date knowledge with all cutting edge iOS technologies.
Mastery over Objective-C and Swift is a must, including experience with Core Data, Core Animation, Foundation, and UIKit.
Experience in adopting layouts to different screen sizes.
Understanding  of testing methodologies, object-oriented and protocol-oriented programming best practices, and automated software testing approaches.
Applicant must have a strong, successful record of developing iOS apps from scratch.
Strong experience with mobile UX.
Enjoy iterative and incremental development scrums.

Best thing to happen to aspiring iphone app developers.

Email: jobs@webprogr.com

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With bachelor's and masters in engineering and technology I try my best to be ahead in engineering the mobile ecosystem!

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