Top 10 e-commerce apps in India 2018

E-commerce apps are the best way to sell goods services online. There are over 2.5 billion global internet users, the online store can reach vastly more people than a local storefront could. Businesses can run that store from the comforts of the home or office, without a lease or license in sight.

Points to ponder to make successful e-commerce apps

All one will need is a tool to list the products, manage shopping carts, process orders, and customize everything with branding. Follow the following steps to have e-commerce apps:

# Start a Simple Hosted Store
# Build a Company Web Site and Store with One App
# Create a Full-Featured Hosted Store
# Add Store Features to Your Existing Web Pages
# Run a Self-Hosted Store
# The Best Tools to Build an eCommerce Store

# Get a visualizer with augmented reality like Lenskart

Usefulness of e-commerce apps

There’s a wide market for eCommerce apps, just as there are for almost any other popular software category. Some are simple tools for selling individual products; others are focused on enterprises with large sales volumes and warehouses of inventory.

E-commerce apps help traders to list all products and manage sales, without being too difficult to set up or requiring an excessive upfront investment.

Best e-commerce apps

The author had gone through over 50 eCommerce apps, looked for those that work well and are used by a wide range of stores, and made sure that they each let traders:

List products on your own store site, and let customers add them to a shopping cart and place orders online
Sell physical and digital goods
Include a shopping cart so customers can purchase more than one product at once
Use your own store branding and domain name
Manage orders and easily see what needs shipped
Run a store for $30 or less per month
And, for most of the tools, get extra themes, tools, and support from an online community

Top 9 e-commerce apps in India is listed below

1. Flipkart
2. Myantra
3. Amazon
4. Snapdeal
5. Paytm
6. Ola
7. Uber
8. Jabong
9. Shopclues

All ‘New india’ traders should rush to have  e-commerce apps for their business.

e-commerce apps

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