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Emojis are a set of mini-pics, collected together, and used to convey personal emotions and information. Taking ’a picture is worth a thousand words’ and quick way of passing on information and emotion. Anybody can use Emoji to create a new way of interacting with people in any of their favorite apps Messengers, Emails,Fb etc

  • Amazing app
    Quick way of passing on information and emotion.
  • Smily emoji
    happiness images in emoji's
  • Great app
    Easy to use then pass the emoji type in any Messenger...
  • Beginning use the app
    Everyone online these days expresses expressions thus
Emoji superstar on mobile

Emoji types

Emoji Superstar and Just big emoji and big emoji are using this app

  • Easy to send other person

  • Getting all happiness and sad emoji

  • smily's emoji

smily emoji's
just emoji's

Using App

We intend partnering with superstars, influencers/brands, and build them apps within their targeted demographic. Important Stat - 95% of millennials/GenNext receive their content through their mobile device.

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Free Math Games Funbrain App Mobile Playground | SAT Tests App

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Download this Amazing Free Math Games Funbrain App for the Mobile Playground in iphone and android. This contains a collection of 160+ math aptitude questions segregated into 8 topics that help you in preparing for Class 10 or SAT Math App

We started work on the mobile Math App, got to make math fun and enjoyable for people and to be entered in the Uninor/ Telenor Hackathon 2015.The theme for this year's contest is 'Education'. The contest will identify apps and startups that have the potential to lead us to a more informed and educated world population, transforming and empowering societies Math tests app offer "math questions for ages 13-100" with explanations that are easy to grasp on topics like algebra, permutations and more with questions revised over the Internet every 15-25 days. (I was always good in math, so it is a great pleasure for me to help people finally understand -- and even enjoy! -- doing math.) This is our funbrain training math app, for everyone, where logic & thinking meets fun & games. 10 Levels for gamificaion.More in the works. These apps have no violence, no empty action, just a lot of challenges that will make you forget you're getting a mental workout! We hope you love what you find in these apps! People who are inclined to Mathematics can use this math app to sharpen their knowledge.

  • 160+ questions with answers
  • Important formulas and tricks for each topic
  • Scorecard to evaluate your knowledge
  • Amazing app
    logic & thinking meets fun & games
  • Questions
    knowledge refreshing and evaluation
  • Scorecard
    Scorecard to evaluate your knowledge

  • Mathematics
    Use this app to sharpen our knowledge
Math fun app

Find your best in class knowledge

Math lessons and fun games plus quizzes, brain teasers

android app for math aptitude
Mathematics mobile app

Amazing Math app

Content sync monthly refreshed with new questions!

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