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Penguin Jump, the Penguin Game is the best of free games for mobile part of the endless runner genre. Below is just a technical demonstration of the old bird game, the best of free games, using the wonderful Phasor framework.Download the better penguin birdy on ice, simple arcade game. Get the little bird, penguin across icy stalactites and stalagmites and get coins in this free endless runner genre. Prep up your routine life with this unique, vigorous and challenging free game. Forget your troubles. Be cool. Spend time on the penguin. Music, the penguin and you. Download the Penguin Jump birdy from Mobango app store, free app for Android.

The birdy penguin slamming into icicles in 'Penguin birdy' is scared and hungry. What you need is patience, common sense, maybe brains?? You can take the penguin to its home around hurdles and barriers, with surprising twists and turns.When you tap, sometimes hold and release, you complete different levels in this exciting, most addictive of Internet games. There is music, graphics to help you relax and steer fast and precisely. Get mobile app for Android now.

Mobango Mobile Store Aptoide Mobile Store