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Listen to the Vuvuzela Sound Effect and Caxirola

What is a Vuvuzela?

Vuvuzela is a woodwind instrument heard also last year in the 2014 World Cup, the famous Vuvuzela horn This Vuvuzela sound effect World Cup Horns Mobile App is dedicated to playing the Vuvuzela sound effects, the famous South African blowing horn the whole world learned to love (or hate) during the 2010 World Cup. Vuvuzela sound app is for football and IPL cricket stadiums, a most fun sound cricket app! Let the Brazilian football and IPL stadiums reverberate with the sounds of the Vuvuzela Horn! Vuvuzela sound app is meant Brazil football and IPL cricket stadiums This is the most fun music app, free mobile Android app download, on Google Play store for every fan preparing for Brazil football or Indian IPL cricket extravaganzas

You like Ronaldo and Brazilian football? Or Dhoni and T20 cricket? Or any other sport. Then you need to download and install this free Android app! With this mobile app you can play the music without the instrument.

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Key Features:It makes 4 types of sounds viz:

  • Firstly the single vuvuzela sound - not continuous
  • SCrowd with lots of vuvuzelas - continuous in loop. You can double tap to stop.
  • Caxirola - single caxirola sound -not continuous.
  • Caxirola continuous in loop. you can double tap to stop.
  • Used with low latency plugins to aid in Android sound pool.
  • It's time to celebrate and have the right tools to show your love for Brazilian soccer or IPL cricket! Download and install today
Vuvuzela for football Vuvuzela sound

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