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The availability of telemedicine apps makes medical services accessible to people. As pioneers in telemedicine app development we will delineate several benefits, costs, procedures, and how to develop a telemedicine app ‘Telemed’

What are Telemedicine apps benefits?

Patients can connect with the doctor with the mobile app and get the right prescriptions without travel and waiting. Official paperwork and forms can be done in the mobile app itself. Patient can consult any kind of specialist one wishes to see. Most telemedicine apps give you a 24/7 service. These are the main benefits of a Telemedicine App in 2021 in these pandemic times

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Telehealth App Development

UI/UX: UI/UX for the mobile innovative app need to work well on all different platforms. Need to be cross platform mobile app for iOS, Android , Electron and the web too

Backend Integration: Has to be Node.js or PHP Rest API. Also

For HIPAA compliance, the login controls, monitoring process, and the storage of the data should all be
encrypted -SSL endpoints and secure storage in app and synchronized. There should be no scope of data leakage or unauthorized access by any third parties.

Scalability: An excellent telemedicine app development solution requires scalability. Instance of the back end will be in the cloud using Flutterflow or Planetscale etc

Telemedicine app development
Requires the integration of many features in the app that must be HIPPA compliant. All the modules of HIPPA are studied and the features are designed. There is a set of standards set by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to consider in development. These protocols is for protection of the medical records of a patient.

Features for the Patient’s Telemed app

  • User Profile: The user will register through their profiles. JWT authentication or auth0, or OktaCommunication Ways Twilio Video: Doctors can connect through in-app via Twilio video chat, in-app calls
  • Doctor Reviews: To check which doctor to consult.
  • Payment Gateways: Paypal For safe and secure fee transactions

Video Consultation Apps Monetization

  • Subscription model
  • Reference Model
  • Franchising Model

How to Develop a Doctor Appointment and Video consult App?
Building a telemedicine app requires good timing, right planning, and execution. Below given pointers will
explain the steps of how to develop a telemedicine app. Download our app in Android and iOS

Discovery Phase
To provide the right telemedicine app development solution, the discovery phase plays a crucial role. This
phase includes a series of steps. And starts with collecting and analyzing all the required information about
the project. It’s a fundamental stage of project planning. It gives a clarity on how to develop required features according to market and customer expectations of a telemedicine app.

MVP Development

Tech Stack

  • Backend Framework: SLIM REST API or Node.js EXPRESS
  • Frontend: Framework: Cross Platform
  • Push: One Signal
  • Video calls: Twilio HIPAA compliance agreement
  • Payments: Paypal/Razorpay
  • Database : Mysql/Postgres/NOSQL
  • Apps with secure storage, SSL cert pinning and encryption for HIPAA compliance with JWT authentication

Final steps

Once the MVP application is in the marketplace, the user feedback is collected.
Analyze the given feedback and work on features that have negative reviews.
Also, focus on the new features that are feeling missed by the users and make them with the high initial
Use appropriate tools for fast A/B testing.
Add on new features within a month’s time so that the user keeps their interest in the app and does not
move to some other app.
Go back to step one and follow the same procedure to add more features for making the application
more efficient

Time taken to implement -4-6 months

  • Time to implement: 4- 6 months in toto
  • Business Analysis 60 hours
  • UX/UI Design 120 hours
  • Backend Development 350 hours
  • Frontend Development 800 hours
  • Quality Testing 300 hours
  • Project Management 250 hours
  • Total 1880 hours

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